Artistic Premium

For the confident Digitizer, Artistic Premium is the most comprehensive software in the Artistic line. It has all the great features found in our other software like compatibility with digital cutters, advanced monogramming, and thousands of built-in designs to get you started. However, Premium also contains the power to do color blending and gradient affects, an Envelope feature that allows you to create 3-D effects, and more. If you are serious about your embroidery, this is the program for you. This program is an additional purchase to Artistic Suite. Artistic Suite includes modules for Basic features, Editing Designs, and Venere. Artistic Premium takes these same modules and adds a Digitizer module, Artistic Digitizer Module where you can add 3-D effects and curves to your embroidery, Text module, and Node Editing. There's so much you can do to make your next embroidery project Premium.

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Artistic Suite

Artistic Suite contains a wide variety of amazing features and functionality, including cutwork, true type font conversion, applique, fabric cutting, decorative stitches, and heat transfer. It also contains a revolutionary rhinestone application. Rhinestones in a variety of sizes can now be added to sewing and crafting projects like never before. Any shape, including logos, clip art, or imported graphics, can be easily designed for rhinestones. The software then sends the design to a digital cutter for template creation. You'll also find a powerful monogram feature - insert 3 characters for monogramming, freely edit monogram shapes with a Node Editor, and create a monogram from any True Type font.

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Artistic SimpleCut

The Artistic SimpleCut software does exactly what it's name suggests: makes cutting simple! When you hook up Artistic SimpleCut to your Digital Cutter, your possibilities are endless. You have the ability to create shapes, motifs and designs in the software and cut it out of virtually any material. You can cut fabric for appliqué, templates for crystal designs, vinyl to adhere to shirts, glassware, walls or mirrors, magnets for your car or fridge, paper for any scrapbooking or papercrafting projects. Be prepared to find yourself experimenting with new techniques, materials and designs in no time!

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Artistic Monogram

The perfect monogram-only software option! This program allows you to design monograms, and do light editing of included shapes. Any true type font can be converted into a monogram. A wide variety of templates are available, including 2 and 3 letter options.

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Artistic Suite/SimpleCut (standalone USB key version):

The version of Artistic Suite and/or SimpleCut you are running is not compatible with the version of Windows 10 on your computer, so you will need to replace your current software with an updated version:

Prior to installing the latest version of Artistic software, please check Control Panel > Programs and Features to see if either Creative DRAWings or Wing’s Modular are currently installed, please uninstall them.

Download the latest version of Creative DRAWings which is 7.1, build 8661, and Wing’s Modular build 8508:

Remove the USB security key prior to installing, you will be prompted when to attach it.

In order to download the files from the links below, you will see a “download arrow”  in the upper right corner of the page, the download arrow is what you will click on in order to start the download.

After downloading the two files, please make sure to disable your anti-virus software as well as the firewall, or the software may not install correctly. The two downloaded files will need to be unzipped, then you will need to double-click on each unzipped file to install the programs.

Creative DRAWings Suite AND SimpleCut USB V7.1, build 8661: Download Link

Wing’s Modular 8508: Download Link

Artistic SimpleCut (bundled with Edge cutter):

The build# of SimpleCut that you have installed may not be compatible with the latest releases of Windows 10, we do have an update to correct this, it is build# 8661. Please make sure that your computer is currently “online” (connected to the internet), then please go to Control Panel>Programs & Features and uninstall Creative DRAWings SimpleCut.

Next, you will need to download and install the updated software from the link below, this updated version is compatible with Windows 10, the version on the installation DVD may not be compatible with your installed version of Windows 10.

Download Link 

Click on the download arrow in the upper right of the page on the download arrow .

After downloading the file you will first need to unzip it, then simply click on to install your software.

Please do not install the software from your original installation DVD, install from this download only. After SimpleCut installs, DirectX will follow along with the installation of MyEditor.

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