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  • 4/12/2016

    By Thomas Knauer

    Janome Artisan Thomas Knauer of Thomas Knauer Sews is a quilter who uses the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 machine for all of his projects. Thomas kindly provided us an article about why he loves his MC15000 machine. 

    Thomas explains that he loves having all of the bells and whistles available on the MC15000, but when it comes down to it, the fundamental things are what really matter to him.

    Click here to read Thomas' article about his daily quilting adventures working with the MC15000.

  • 4/11/2016

    9 Ways to Embellish and Label Your Projects

    Janome Canada Artisan Sherri Sylvester of Thread Riding Hood started a six-week blog series called The Sewing Diaries, where she has been posting one topic per week about her new machine, the Skyline S7. You can find the first four weeks of Sherri's Sewing Diaries on the Janome Blog page. This week, Sherri provided nine ideas you can use with your sewing projects to make them more useful or fun.

    For this post, Sherri made a couple of fat quarter skirts that are perfect for embellishing and using up any "spare" fat quarters you may have lying around. She thought it would be fun to add a book quote to one of the fat quarter skirts using the Skyline S7 alphabet feature.

    The nine ways to embellish and label your projects is by using twill tape size label; a decorative ribbon loop; fancy top-stitching; leather labels; custom stitches; ribbon; quick and dirty camp/school name labels; printed fabric labels and text.

    Click here to read Sherri's full post.

  • 4/8/2016

    Grandma to the Rescue!

    "The priceless time we spend as a family around our sewing machines are a great gift. Sometimes we don't know which project will call our name. That is what happened to me when my granddaughter sent this picture of the prom dress she fell in love with that was 4" too long for her and seven layers deep. Her text was "Grandma, can you hem this for me please?" Emily (Emmy) came that night for her first fitting and as she stood on my big round coffee table, we had so much fun talking about the upcoming prom. 

    I pinned the first layer and the next was the fearful cut, as I'm sure everyone who sews can relate to. ("What if it's too short?") As sewists, we always want it to be perfect. Next, it was onto two layers of crenolin. I hand basted the top three layers together as one and then pinned it up so that I could access the center layer of satin which was hemmed with the rolled hem foot. Basting the three netting layers together allowed me to be able to cut all three layers to one to keep them all even. 

    Each day, Emily came on her lunch hour for a fitting. In the busy life of a teenager, it was wonderful having her at lunch. Seeing the excitement in her face as her dress was being done was priceless. It brought back memories of when my daughters needed their prom dresses fixed. My daughter's dresses were sewn on one of my first Janome machines, which was then called the New Home Combi. "Remember that one?", it still sews today! I have always loved the feeding system on my Janome, especially when working with fine slippery fabrics and the rolled hem foot makes hemming the fine silky fabrics easy. Even now it amazes me at how easily my new Janome computer handles so many difficult tasks.

    Emily took her picture in the mirror and her big smile showed her happiness. As sewists, I know you all have had some of these special moments as well in your sewing room. I hope this blog post makes you sit back, smile and remember a special moment." - Nancy Burg, Janome Educator

    Emily and her date were chosen Prom Queen and King. Congratulations! 

  • 4/7/2016

    By Nancy Fiedler

    Basting is the technique used to temporarily hold layers of fabric together. There are several methods. What follows is a description of these different methods and when you may want to use them. 

    In this article, Janome Educator Nancy Fiedler goes over hand basting; machine basting; basting interfacing; basting a seam for fitting; manual basting stitches and spraying adhesive.

    Click here to read Nancy's full article. 

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