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  • 9/12/2018

    We're stoked to have Natalie Barnes from Beyond the Reef Patterns joining us as a new Maker here at Janome. 

    We sat down with Natalie to learn about some of her favorite things, how she recharges, and even what spurred her to learn to quilt! (We think you'll want to know how that came about!) Read below for some of our interview:

    Natalie's Bio:

    Natalie is the owner/designer for beyond the reef, a quilt pattern-design company that she started one rainy north shore morning on a lanai in Hanalei, Kauai, while drinking coffee with author Jill Marie Landis. As a little girl, Natalie learned to sew, knit, and crochet from her grandmother. After a successful career in the demanding commercial/corporate interior design field in Los Angeles, Natalie decided it was time to live a new dream, and put her talents to work in another area. She has never looked back. She is a fabric designer for Windham Fabrics.  A Janome Maker, and a contributor to Aurifil and Olfa.  She is author of A Modern Twist, by Martingale/TPP with contributions by Angela Walters.  And you'll find her entertaining tutorials on the new video series, STITCH!, or teaching at a guild or retreat near you.

    Having always lived on the beach, Natalie draws her inspiration for color and design from the sea, the sky, and the land. These days you’ll find Natalie in the studio in sunny Southern California, or out and about with her dog, Stitch. 

    See more of her inspiration on her site, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

  • 9/6/2018

    How are you celebrating National Sewing Month? We're celebrating YOU and hoping to help you out a bit! Introducing the Janome Quick Sewing Reference Guide! 

    Throughout this month (and continuing on throughout the year!) we'll be adding to your reference set. These cards can be printed, laminated, and kept on a ring by your machine for easily reference all kinds of important things like standard quilt sizes, which Janome needle to use for what, and MORE!

    Get started with your set today with the first 2 cards, the Cover Page and a handy yardage chart. If you ever find yourself wondering exactly how many inches is 3/8 of a yard, we've got you covered!

    Click here to download the PDF and print the first couple cards.

  • 9/5/2018

    What's better than a new embroidery machine? How about an Apple MacBook Air AND Artistic Digitizer software to go WITH the new machine?

    With this amazing bundle you'll be all set with Artistic embroidery software, a MacBook Air to run it on, and our best embroidery machine yet, the Horizon Quilt Maker MC15000! Imagine all the customized gifts, monogram options, and more available to you! Click here for more info about the special and contact your favorite Janome dealer today!

  • 9/5/2018

    Is a new sewing or embroidery machine on your Christmas list for this year? Help Santa get the best deal early on! Then have your machine in time to stitch all your gifts, decor, Halloween costumes, and more! Click here for the details on 60 months 0% Financing, NOW through September 20, 2018

  • 8/23/2018

    We're thrilled to have Kimberly Coffin, the creative force behind Sweet Red Poppy, joining us as a Janome Maker. Kimberly has been sewing on a Janome for years and we're excited to see what she creates with her new Janome sewing machine and serger!

    Erin in Marketing "sat down" with Kimberly for a little chat. Learn more about Kimberly's best sewing tip below! 

    Here's a little more about Kimberly:

    Wife and mother to three by day, quick-stitching seamstress by night. Kimberly is the “sew”cialist behind the blog Sweet Red Poppy. She is a fabric-hoarding, embellishment loving, color enthusiast, who enjoys putting her modern spin on sewing.

    In her spare time, you can find her dreaming up her latest design, stitching away like a wild woman and taking way too many photographs of her children, all in an effort to avoid the menial daily household tasks of motherhood. Take a look behind the seams at her refreshingly honest posts about the daily challenges of motherhood, the chaos of three children under four and her passion for fashion and sewing on Instagram @sweetredpoppyFacebook, or YouTube.

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