My First Sewing Project with the MC15000

By Taylor, Janome Marketing Assistant

“Growing up, I watched my nana sew on her old sewing machine. She sewed everything from curtains and table runners - to Halloween costumes and Christmas dresses. Every Sunday, when I would go to my nana’s house for dinner, I would watch her sew dresses for my cousin and I and we would both be fascinated by how fast the needle moved.

I love fashion and always thought it would be great to sew my own clothes, but never had a desire to learn on a sewing machine. It wasn’t until I started working at Janome and saw all of these cool digital machines that I had an urge to start learning. My first sewing project was a small angel that I made with the Skyline S5 before Christmas last year. I was proud of myself and couldn’t wait to try sewing on a more advanced model.

I was super excited to hear that Janome Education would be hosting weekly sewing classes through the month of November. I was even more stoked to see that we would be making a Fall Table Runner on the Horizon Memory Craft 15000! For the longest time, I thought that figuring out the MC15000 would be challenging, but after making the table runner with it, I found it to be enjoyably easy. Some of my favorite features on the MC15000 are the wonderful selection of built-in stitches. I personally love the sailboats! I also like the automatic built-in needle threader, automatic presser foot lift along with the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System.

This Thanksgiving, my family started a new tradition of celebrating – at our new shore house in Lavallette, NJ. My grandparents owned the house for years and we have built numerous memories throughout the summers we have spent together. My grandmother sadly passed away five years ago to cancer. My grandpa passed the home down to my family and my uncle’s family. Although being down the shore wasn’t the same without my grandmother being there, we still had all of her warm touches throughout the house. When Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore three years ago, we lost our house along with all of our belongings. Everything that my nana bought or made was completely destroyed, leaving our family heartbroken. 

With building a new home and having to buy new furniture and home décor, we clearly didn’t have many decorations for our Thanksgiving celebration; so I was excited to bring the table runner to decorate the kitchen and bring warm Fall colors into the house. My family was impressed that I made the table runner with such a high-end machine and my nana would have been proud of me for taking the initiative to follow in her footsteps.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Lavallette. The weather was beautiful and we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the bay, watch a friendly whale jump in the ocean, eat a delicious meal and spend time with great people. Below is a picture of me holding up my Fall Table Runner on the beach. The scarf that I am wearing in the picture was the last scarf my nana made me the Thanksgiving before she passed away. I always wear it in memory of her.” – Taylor D of Janome



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