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  • 5/10/2018

    Do you know a mom that would love a custom laptop sleeve? If so, Meredith at Olivia Jane Handcrafted has a tutorial perfect for you!

    Head on over to her site to see her great tip on sewing on binding by machine!

    Hint: If you don't have a larger scale print you love, keep it simple and add some embroidery to the flap instead!

  • 3/26/2018

    Wow! We're super excited to announce all the winners in our Luck of Janome giveaway! So many Janome fans entered, and we wish we could give everyone a prize. Alas, we could only pick one winner for each prize. Check below to see if you've won one of the fantastic prizes. Winners have also been emailed so if you see your name, be sure to check your email for all the details on how to claim your prize!


    Congrats to Linda Hutchins, winner of the Janome Memory Craft 6700P sewing machine!

    Congrats to Sharon McPherson, winner of the Janome M7200 sewing machine!

    Congrats to Roberta Tiskowitz, winner of the Janome scissor kit!



    Congrats to Sandra Payan, winner of the Arrow Sewing Chair!


    Congrats to Lela Goddard, winner of the Anna Maria Machine Embroidery Kit!

    Congrats to Carol Wilson, winner of the Lumi LED Task Lamp from Daylight!

    Congrats to Dorothy Orr, winner of the Oliso iron!


    Congrats to April Martin, winner of the Sabrina Rolling Bag Set!

  • 2/9/2018

    Ready for a fast embroidery project? How about an ITH (In the hoop) project? Grab your felt, some clear vinyl, and your favorite Janome machine and get stitching today! You can download the instructions and FREE embroidery file here: Candy Pouch Project.

  • 1/19/2018

    Accessory of the Month – Applique Foot AP 

    Today we have Nancy Fiedler, one of Janome's Educators, joining us to share her tips about the AP Applique foot!

    Applique is a popular way to personalize and embellish all projects: garments, quilts, crafts, tote bags.  You can use any Janome machine for this technique and by using Applique Foot AP you will achieve perfect results every time.

    This clear foot has short toes which give you a clearer view of the applique for precise sewing and easy maneuvering around curves and corners. 

    If you have a Janome machine that has  a 7mm stitch width this part number would be: 202023001. A 9mm Janome machine would have a foot part number of: 202086002


    1. Thread Janome Blue tip needle with embroidery thread.
    2. Insert Janome Prewound Bobbin.
    3. Attach Applique foot.
    4. Reduce pressure on presser foot one number lower than normal setting.

    Note:  By reducing presser foot pressure, the fabric will slide easier as you guide the applique under the foot. 

    1. Set machine to end needle down.
    2. Set machine for a satin stitch or select an applique stitch.  Many Janome machines have several to choose from! 

    Note: Satin Stitch is created by selecting Zigzag stitch, then adjusting the width 3mm, and length .40mm.  These settings can be adjusted depending on what look you're going for.

    1. Place stabilized fabric with applique under foot, lining up the edge of applique with right hand swing of needle.  

    Try out some of the many decorative stitches built into your machine.  Satin stitches, like the one shown, give your appliques unique edges.  



    Locking Stitches  Your Janome machine will automatically sew four stitches in place at the beginning of any decorative or zigzag stitch to create a lock.  Simply touch the reverse button at the end, the machine will sew four stitches in place to lock, and then stop.

    Create your own applique sampler!

    1.  Draw several leaf or heart shapes on paper side of fusible web.  Then following manufacturer’s directions fuse to wrong side of fabric.
    2. Cut out shapes and fuse to contrast fabric.
    3. Applique each shape with different applique stitches.

    Use this sampler to test and choose the perfect stitch for your applique projects.


     Thanks Nancy! Looks like there's lots of great ways to spice up an applique project by choosing different stitches and designs! Follow the links below to find an applique project created by the Janome team of educators and designers!

  • 1/17/2018

    We're so excited for the new year and what it holds for Janome! We've got lots of new products AND some new Artisan faces! We'd like to welcome Faith Essenburg to our team!













    We're looking forward to seeing her projects, and seeing what she stitches up with her Janome 6700.

    We asked Faith to give us a little intro about herself. Here's what she had to say:

    "My name is Faith Essenburg, I am a stay at home mom of three boys living in the Chicago suburbs. I started sewing a little over four years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest and I couldn't find baby bedding that I liked. My first makes were a quilt blanket with Minkey backing and a minkey crib sheet, working on an old loaner sewing machine and just learning as I went. That bedding is still in use four years later and I laugh everytime someone tells me they are scared to work with minkey! I took my sewing up a notch when I joined an online sew along more than a year later and I have been sewing away ever since. I find so much joy and satisfaction in slowing down and working with my hands, from choosing fabrics to learning new sewing methods to blogging my makes, it's all a creative blessing that I am just so glad I stumbled upon." 

    Wow, Faith! We're also impressed your first project was sewn with minkey. Don't forget to check back next week (or keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram  feed) for Faith's first project! We think you'll really like it!

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