New AcuFeed Flex Holder & Foot (VD-Single-9mm): For MC12000, 8900 & 8200

Use these for zippers and other narrow work.

640-new-acufeed-flex-holder-and-foot-vd-single-9mmThe AcuFeed Flex feeding system evenly feeds fabric from both the top and bottom. The system includes two types of foot holders: the Dual attachment, which has two upper feed dogs and uses wider feet, and the Single attachment, which has one upper feed dog and uses narrower feet for work like installing zippers.

The Single AcuFeed Flex foot holder and narrow VD foot are standard accessories  on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000. Now they're available as optional accessories for the Memory Craft 8900 QCP and Memory Craft 8200 QC.

The VD foot is ideal for when you to stitch as closely as possible, like on a zipper. Watch a video demonstration using this foot to install a lap zipper.

How To Install An AcuFeed Flex Foot (Wide Or Narrow)

To use an AcuFeed Flex foot, you first install it on the foot holder, then attach the foot holder to the machine:

  1. Place the pins of the foot in the grooves of the ankle, and then push them together. (To change the foot, pull the foot out of the grooves, and put the new foot in place.)
  2. To attach the AcuFeed Flex system to your machine, first loosen the screw on the side of the shaft and remove the current ankle.
  3. Hold the AcuFeed Flex system in place and tighten the screw.

To see this demonstrated watch the video AcuFeed Flex System Intro.

Get the Single AcuFeed Flex foot holder and VD foot at your local Janome dealer.

Watch The Video AcuFeed Flex System Intro

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