A Seamstress Tea Towel

Created By: Maureen Cracknell
Skill Level: Intermediate

A tutorial on how to create a linen tea towel for the kitchen, with special stitches, applique, a little humor, and a ticking finish!

Janome Supplies Required
  • Horizon Memory Craft 12000
Fabric and Notions Required

• 1 - piece of linen fabric measuring 21” x 26”
• 2 - pieces of ticking fabric measuring 2” x 21”
• 1 - piece of linen fabric measuring 1.5” x 6” for the tea towel tab
• A variety of colorful solid fabric scraps for flag bunting applique
• A small piece of Heatbond lite
• Water soluble or tear-away stabilizer
• Black thread
• White thread
• disappearing ink fabric pen and a regular marker (optional)
• Scissors
• Iron



Tea Towel Instructions

1. Once the fabrics are cut. Prepare the tab piece of fabric by folding in both long edges a ¼” press, fold again in half, and sew along the outer edge
2. Fold in both of the long sides of the tea towel linen fabric a scant ¼”, press, fold ¼” again, press and pin along each side
3. Position the tab piece across one top corner so that it sits 6cm away from the corner on one of the top sides of the tea towel. Trim away edges and tuck under the seam allowance and pin in place.
4. Using white thread, sew along both the inner and out edge of the folded sides to create a nice hem.

5. Prepare the ticking by folding in both short ends a ½” press to keep fold in place. Fold in both long edges a ½”, press, fold ½” again and press well. Place the ends of the linen tea towel that are not hemmed inside of the folded ticking pieces, pin in place and sew along the folded edge to finish off the tea towel.

Applique Instructions : :
1. Follow Heatbond instruction to prepare the colorful fabric scraps for the raw edge applique. Using the Heatbond, or a similar product, helps ensure that the edges won’t fray. Cut out six triangle pieces, peel away Heatbond backing, and press to the bottom front side of the tea towel, where you want the applique design to be.

2. Follow the directions of your preferred stabilizer, adding a piece to the backside of the tea towel where the applique design will be. *NOTE* Before adding any applique, I highly recommend practicing out the design on scrap fabric first!
3. Using black thread and the Pictograph Spool Stitch #19, with the machine set on a slow speed, carefully stitch in one spool to the upper left side of the flag banner fabrics.

4. Turn your work, starting at the spool, use the straight stitch to sew towards and along the top of your flag banner pieces of fabric and continue around each triangle piece.

5. Bring that sewn line up to resemble a sweeping bunting, and finish with the Pictograph Needle Stitch #18.

6. Program the text “I’d rather be sewing!” into your machine. Line up tea towel where you would like the phrase to be and add your lettering.

7. Trim away the connecting threads in between each letter. Remove stabilizer on the back of the tea towel. Press and you're finished!! Enjoy!


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