Artistic Digitizer includes 61 tutorial videos + 8 NEW Artistic Digitizer 1.5 tutorial videos included in the software.

The tutorial videos are also available below. These videos are a great resource to learn how to use the software and also to see what is possible with this powerful digitizing software.

Artistic Digitizer 1.5 Tutorials

3D Monogram

How to use the Help Files and Printable Help


Keyboard Shortcuts

Making a Split Letter


Paint Stitch New Feature

Setting Up Your Workspace


Where are the Tuturials

Where did my Welcome Screen go?

Artistic Digitizer Tutorials

Quick Start

Welcome Screen


Help Options

Create New


Export Design

Digitize Shapes Tool


Zoom Tool

Slow Redraw Tool


Sequence Manager

Save Design


Stippling Fill

Transform Object


Techniques Selection

Open Artwork


Lettering Tool

Open Embroidery Design


Monogram Tool

Browser Tab


Import Design

Array Fill

Design Colours


Selection Methods

Edit Stitches Tool


Print Design Info

Fabric Choices

View Options


Colour Manager Tool

New Objects as Clones


Edit Nodes Tool

Measure Tool


Stitch Flow - Directions/Divide

Basic Shapes Tool


Break Apart Text

Rectangular Array


Circular Array

Machine & Hoop Tool


Grid Guidelines and Rulers

Remove Overlaps


Alignment Tools

Shaping Tools


Copy Paste Delete

Insert Symbol


Clipart Library

Auto Border Tool


Group & Ungroup

Combine & Breakapart


Satin and Step Fill

Row Fill Properties


Applique Fill

Cross Stitch & Net Fill


Array Outline

Crystal Shape Tool


Crystals Fill

Crystals Outline


Overlapping Crystals

Run & Satin Serial Outline


Cutwork Outline

Paint Fill & Outline


Button Holes

Cut & Stencil Outline


Vector Outline

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