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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 00:00

Digitizer MBX V4.5 Is Here: A New Level Of Digitizing Power!


Freehand drawing and kingsize layouts are among the new features.

859-digitizer-mbx-v45-is-here-a-new-level-of-digitizing-powerDigitizer MBX software has always combined easy-to-use functionality and digitizing power.

Now the release of Digitizer MBX V4.5 gives you even more ways to express your creativity. Look at some of the major new features.

Freehand Drawing
You are going to love this new option. Using a pen and tablet (such as the popular WACOM® tablets), the new drawing tools let you to digitize shapes and lines as easily as drawing with pencil and paper with amazing results.

Kingsize Layouts & New Editing Tools
In addition to the larger layout size, you get a greater selection of monogram patterns. Integrated Corel Draw Essentials provides vector art to click-and-convert to embroidery. Cross Stitch is now standard.

NEW Cutwork Add-Ons
Set includes Software, Needles, and Needle Holder. EasyDesign allows you to digitize cutwork in much the same way as you digitize appliqué objects. Select the type of embroidery you wish to use and the type of cutwork you want, and the software takes care of the rest. Available for both V4.0 and V4.5.

Digitizer Jr. V4.5 is also available as are various upgrade kits. For more information contact your Janome Dealer.

Find Out More About Digitizer MBX V4.5

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 00:00

Artistic Webinar TONIGHT: How Quilters can Maximize Their Artistic Software


It's live at 7 PM EST tonight. But there's still time to register.

858-artistic-webinar-todayYou might think Artistic Software is for people who like to do embroidery, paper craft embelishments, and everything bling.

And you'd be right.

But Artistic Software is also a powerful tool for serious quilters.

Artistic Educator Bunny Gates will show you why in a one hour free webinar: Not Just Embellishments! How Quilters can Maximize their Artistic Software.

The webinar is today, Tuesday, December 17, running from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST. And you can still register for free.

You'll see how a quilter can use Artistic Software to create easy ambiance quilting, beautiful quilt patterns, and more. You'll learn how you can enhance your quilts, wallhangings, and pillows with the quilting feature of Artistic Suite V6.0.

You can attend the webinar on your PC, Mac, or even mobile device. See the System Requirements on the webinar registration page to complete information.

For more information on Artistic software and other Artistic creative products, see your local Artistic dealer.

Register For Artistic Quilting Webinar

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Monday, 16 December 2013 00:00

Janome Heritage: Beautiful 1902 New Home Machine


This wonderful machine sits in an equally beautiful cabinet.

837-janome-heritage-beautiful-1902-new-home-machineWe came across this beautiful 1902 New Home treadle machine on the Heirlooms by Ashton House blog and thought you'd enjoy it.

It's owned by Kimber Mitchell, a magazine writer, quilt book editor, and avid quilter. Visit her blog to see the whole story on how she got it.

She and her husband live in a beautiful 1885 Victorian home and the machine fits right in with their vintage and antique collections. Kimber named the machine "Tabitha" and gave us permission to share her photo of it.

We believe Tabitha is a New Home model A3. The major features for that model were a vibrating shuttle, a top tension control with release lever, a stitch length regulator on bed, narrow shank shuttle carrier, and a bobbin winder.

The label inside the cabinet says the machine shipped from New Home's Chicago facility on August 8, 1902.

It came with this guarantee: "If it fails from imperfection within Ten Years, we will supply the part free of charge. Should this machine fail at any time to give perfect satisfaction and you do not find our agent to attend to it, write us and you will receive prompt attention."

Today's Janome/New Home machines come with a 25 year warranty. But we still can't beat that gorgeous decoration.

Kimber says she's actually sewn on the machine and that after 111 years it still works well with "really nice" stitch quality.

Read More About The 1902 New Home Machine

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Friday, 13 December 2013 00:00

New Anna Maria Horner Heirloom Stocking Project with Video


Includes a custom machine embroidery design for your feature emblem.

857-new-anna-maria-horner-heirloom-stocking-project-with-videoIn her latest project, fabric designer and creative sewist extraordinaire Anna Maria Horner uses a treasured hand-embroidered motif to create a classic Christmas stocking.

Anna's Heirloom Stocking Project features a regal stag embroidery design framed in winter foliage. This was digitized from a hand-embroidered blanket created by her grandmother in Greece.

The project includes complete instructions, a free downloadable embroidery design, and a great video showing Anna's inspiration and how to construct the stocking. The stocking features a fabric cuff, which is perfect for the bright tones and bold patterns of Anna Maria's fabric collection.

About creating the design, Anna says:

"This Heirloom Stocking pattern has been such a special project for me since it is inspired by the beautiful hand-loomed blanket my Yiayia Eleni made some 60 years ago in Greece. It has been my joy to marry a centuries-old craft with the most modern technology available in a home sewing machine to design the embroidery.

The talented team at Janome America helped me translate my Yiayia's deer design into an embroidery motif (similar to my Lineage fabric). We used the Designer MBX software, which I can't wait to play with more! The results really exceeded my expectations, and the thought of being able to make something for everyone this year, using this meaningful artwork vignette, was thrilling. Any doubts I had about the stockings not being hand-embroidered quickly vanished. I realized that by using the machine embroidery, I could actually accomplish all of them this year!"

Anna used her Horizon Memory Craft 15000 to create all 9 stockings for her family. Try it out for yourself at your local certified Janome dealer.

Go To Anna Maria Horner's Heirloom Christmas Stocking Project

Watch Anna's Video About The Stocking Project

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Thursday, 12 December 2013 01:00

Deck the Halls at Sew4Home (Plus Giveaway)


Many of these clever holiday gifts work throughout the year.

856-deck-the-halls-at-sew4home-plus-giveawayWe hadn't checked in with our creative friends at Sew4Home for awhile, and, boy-oh-boy, are we glad we stopped by! They just completed a wonderful holiday series with nine must-make projects from easy to advanced.

There are options specific to the holidays, such as the amazing Nordic Faux Fur & Ribbon Christmas Stockings and the cute Santa Letter Pocket Pillows, as well as ideas that work year 'round, like the gorgeous Gilded Chevron Tote and super cozy Sleepover Bag with Matching Pillowcase.

We love how the Sew4Home projects can be made on any Janome machine, but they are always great about always listing which Janome presser feet will make the job go more quickly as easily. Seeing how swiftly the Zipper foot on the Memory Craft 8900 QCP attached tiny pom pom trim was an eye-opener.

And, Sew4Home always has the best ideas for fabric and notions, like the zipper-by-the-yard they used for the sleepover bag - such an easy solution! And, their step-by-step instructions make even traditionally "scary" techniques a snap. Check out their Bundle of Boxed Style Floor Cushions. The classic piped and tufted cushion never looked easier! The Santa Pillow mentioned above as well as a set a gorgeous appliquéd napkins are made with panel fabric. Such an innovative use for these beautiful (and inexpensive) fabric cuts!

Browse through their entire two week series, which starts here. When you're done, make sure to enter to win one of four $50 gift certificates from series sponsor, Fabric.com. Simply leave a comment describing your 2014 Sewing Resolution.

Go To Sew4Home

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 00:00

Artistic Webinar: How Quilters Can Maximize Their Artistic Software


This creative software is for serious quilters. Learn why in this free webinar on 12/17.

855-artistic-webinar-how-quilters-can-maximize-their-softwareArtistic Software can take you far beyond embroidery, rhinestone, and paper craft embelishments.

Artistic Educator Bunny Gates will show you how in a one hour free webinar: Not Just Embellishments! How Quilters can Maximize their Artistic Software.

The webinar is next Tuesday, December 17, running from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST. Register today for free.

You'll see how a quilter can use Artistic Software to create easy ambiance quilting, beautiful quilt patterns, and more. You'll learn how you can enhance your quilts, wallhangings, and pillows with the quilting feature of Artistic Suite V6.0.

You can attend the webinar on your PC, Mac, or even mobile device. See the System Requirements on the webinar registration page to complete information.

For more information on Artistic software and other Artistic creative products, see your local Artistic dealer.

Register For Artistic Quilting Webinar

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 00:00

New Artistic Project: Retro Christmas Mantle Cover


Hand-look vintage designs make this project a holiday classic.

854-new-artistic-project-retro-christmas-mantle-coverWhen Santa comes down your chimney, give him a reason to stop and admire the decor.

This Retro Christmas Mantle Cover project uses wonderful handwork embroidery designs to dress up your fireplace for the holidays with an authentic vintage look.

This easy-to-assemble mantel cover is designed to fit a standard 50" mantel. But you can easily modify the design, if yours is a different size. Get complete instructions online.

You can make the project on any Memory Craft sewing and embroidery machine that can accommodate 230 mm x 230 mm embroidery designs. The vintage designs are from the Retro Handwork Collection by Sublime Stitching, available from your Artistic dealer. 

The Retro Handwork - Artistic Embroidery Design Collection allows you to achieve that authentic handwork look without doing any handwork at all! Sublime Stitching has created this 25 design collection of Retro Handwork motifs. You won't need your thimble for this look! File Formats: exp, pes, pcs, dst, hus, jef, xxx.

Go To Retro Mantle Cover Project

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Monday, 09 December 2013 00:00

New Artistic Project: "Let it Snow" Artistic Snowflake Wreath


Capture the shimmer of holiday lights in intricately cut snowflakes.

853-new-artistic-project-let-it-snow-artistic-snowflake-wreathThis dazzling wreath looks like it could have taken weeks to cut out. But with Artistic Software and a Zing cutter it's actually quite easy.

The Snowflake Wreath project includes complete instructions and a snowflake template file for you to download.

You can turn it into a fun family project and have the kids help you pick out the card stock colors for the snowflakes. Then just cut, weed, and glue!

Use this idea for a paper wreath for any season--hearts, bunnies, pumpkins, leaves, flag--just let your imagination be your guide.

How To Create And Cut Out Paper Shapes For A Wreath 

  1. Trace any simple shape then scan it as a .jpg file.
  2. Open the file as a Backdrop, and then use the drawing tools to trace the lines to be cut.
  3. Save as a *.draw and cut out the paper shapes with the Zing!

It's that easy.

Find Artistic software and Zing cutters at your nearest Artistic Dealer.

Go To Snowflake Wreath Project

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Friday, 06 December 2013 00:00

New Project: Holiday Tree Table Runner by Sam Hunter


Paper-pieced trees grace the ends of this quick holiday table runner!

852-new-project-holiday-tree-table-runner-by-sam-hunterSam Hunter has created a beautiful, quilted table runner project, featuring a double Christmas tree motif.

The Holiday Tree Table Runner project has directions for making a 60" x 18" runner, but you can customize it to fit your table size.

Sam says, "I chose to make mine in bold modern solids, but you can use any style from rich traditional fabrics to cheery bright prints."

This project can be made with intermediate sewing skills in 3 - 6 hours. You can use any Janome sewing machine with a Walking Foot. Sam used her Horizon Memory Craft 12000 with the Dual Feed Foot.

She adds, "Don't let paper-piecing (or foundation piecing) intimidate you! It is a wonderful technique for making things with small pieces or precision points. A quick search of the internet will lead you to many paper-piecing tutorials and videos, so look up one or two for some pointers. If you still don't want to paper-piece, print out the attached pattern and make templates for each piece (don't forget to add a 1/4'' seam allowance to each one)."

Sam Hunter describes herself as "the Head Thaumaturgist and Gal behind the green curtain" at Hunter’s Design Studio. She says that she likes I like to design things that our newbies and up-and-comers can make confidently, yet look more sophisticated than the usual big block simplicity that most beginner quilts offer.

Go To The Holiday Tree Table Runner Project

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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

New Serger Video: Using the Cloth Guide to Accurately Measure and Cut Seam Allowances


With this optional serger accessory, you can measure, cut and finish all in one step.

851-new-serger-video-cloth-guideYour Janome serger is already the fastest way to finish a seam. You can cut off your excess fabric and give the seam a finished edge all in one pass.

Now you can add one more time-saving function. With the optional Cloth Guide you can do all of the above while automatically measuring your seam allowance.

It's easy to set up and easy to use.

How To Use The Serger Cloth Guide To Accurately Measure A Seam

  1. Begin by attaching the Cloth Guide to the machine: Open the front cover and loosen the screw on the front. Slide the attachment behind the screw, and tighten in place.
  2. Attach the Standard foot to the serger.
  3. Set up the serger for a 4 thread overlock stitch, with both needles in place. (But the guide can be used for any serger stitch.)
  4. Use the marks on the machine front cover to align the guide. Then set the guide to your desired seam depth.
  5. Position your fabric against the guide.
  6. As you begin stitching, the machine will cut off the precise seam allowance.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video Cloth Guide: Accurately measure and cut seam allowances.

Find the Cloth Guide and all the other optional accessories for your serger at your local Janome dealer.

Watch The Serger Cloth Guide Video

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