Hello there. We're glad you came to visit! Below you'll find our ever-expanding set of Sewing Reference Cards! Start with Set 1 to print the Cover page, then choose which ones to add to your customized collection. Download, print, laminate, then cut!

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Set 1

Cover Page + Yardage Chart

Print the Cover Page for your set and a handy yardage chart to tell you how many inches are in a specific yardage increment. 

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Set 2

Needle Size Guide + Janome Needle Guide

These charts cover what type of fabric is recommended for each needle size, as well as when to use the Janome Red, Purple, and Blue tip needles.

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Set 3

Standard Quilt + Linen Sizes

Ever wonder exactly what size a standard placemat or fabric napking should be? How about standard mattress and quilt sizes? These charts are for you!

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Set 4

Buttonholes 101

Need a quick refresher on how to stitch a 1-step buttonhole? This guide covers that, plus the different styles/shapes of buttonholes and their recommended use.

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Set 5

Thread vs. Needle Guide + Retreat Packing List

Need to know what type/weight of thread to use in a certain needle size? What about a packing list to make sure you don’t forget your power cord at home for the next retreat or class? Download this set below!

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Set 6

Squares in a FQ and Yard

Don't worry! We've done the math for you this time! Pick a cut square size and find out how many pieces you can get from a Fat Quarter or Yard cut!

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