Software Lessons

Auto Register And Outlined Graphics

You'll learn how to use Auto Register to digitize outlined graphics.


What you'll learn
You'll learn how to use Auto Register to digitize outlined graphics.

Use Auto Register
1. We are going to bring in an outlined graphic that has not been prepared, so we click on Import Bitmap (.bmp) in the drop-down menu.
2. The Import Color Bitmap dialog box will appear.
3. Click on Day Flower once to see it in the Preview window.
4. Click Open to bring it to the design screen.
5. Click Create on the menu toolbar.
6. Click Auto Register.
Note: Auto Register has its own preparation process, so we don't need to go through the same preparation process as in Lesson 27.
7. The Auto Register dialog box appears.
8. Since we are working with an outlined image, we don't need to concern ourselves with color sensitivity.
9. Click a check mark in the Outline box.
10. Click Start. In just a moment it will generate the outline around the graphic.
11. However, it may also generate embroidery from "noise" it encounters in the image. We can remove that extraneous embroidery and only work with the outline using the Edit Parts function.
12. Click the Edit Parts icon.
13. The Edit Parts dialog box will appear. Notice that part #1 is the "noise" embroidery, and part #2 is the outline.
14. Delete part #1. To delete parts of a design, refer to Lesson 11.
15. The outline that is remaining is a single run stitch of 2.0 mm.
16. You may prefer to sew the outline as it is. However, outlines tend to look better when the run stitch is shorter. To change the length of the run stitch, click on Color/Stitch to bring up the Line stitch dialog box. (See Lesson 14.)
17. Click a check mark in the box next to straight stitch. Change the length to 1.2 mm.
18. Click OK.
19. To give the outline more depth, consider sewing the outline twice.
20. Click the Line icon.
21. The Line dialog box will appear. Click OK to close it.
22. Click the All Lines icon, which was activated when you clicked the Line icon. A fine grid will appear over the flower graphic.
23. Click the All Lines icon a second time. The Assign to Lines dialog box will appear.
24. Click Select to assign stitch lines to the flower outline.
25. Click Register.
26. The second outline at 1.2 mm will be laid over the first outline.
27. If you prefer your outline to be a satin stitch, rather than a running stitch, we use the Edit Parts feature. Click Color/Stitch to bring up the Line dialog box to change the stitch type.
28. Instead of clicking on straight stitch, we click on one of the satin stitches. A 1.4 mm is a nice width for an outline.
29. Click OK to close the dialog box.
30. Click OK on the Edit Parts dialog box to apply the stitch.

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