Software Lessons

Create Custom Background Colors

Customizer 10000 gives you the ability to see how your embroidery design will look on your fabric before you sew it out. This is done by changing the background color in the embroidery design window.


The Color box will open. Choosing any of the 48 colors in the box and then clicking the "Okay" button will fill the background of the embroidery design area with that color. This will allow you to see the entire design


Suppose the color of your fabric is not one of the 48 colors shown? You have the ability to create custom background colors. Click on the "Define Custom Colors >>" window. The "Color" box will expand to present a rainbow of color in a large box. Click on the box on the color that is the base of your fabric's color.


Then slide the shading bar up or down to view the custom color in the "Color|Solid" window. When you create the color you desire, click on the "Add to Custom Colors" button. Your new color will be placed in the Custom Colors boxes.

You are not limited to creating 16 colors. When your custom palette is filled, you can select a color to change by clicking on it and clicking on the "Add to Custom Colors" button. The new color will overlay the original color

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