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How To Use the Auto Register Function of EasyImport

Note: For this lesson, we used the Lion from the Clipart Folder in the Customizer 10000 program using Insert Clipart .wmf on the Standard Toolbar.

The Auto Register function will automatically create embroidery from your graphic. You tell the Auto Register function how you would like the embroidery to look, and in just a few seconds, the embroidery is created.

Bring in a graphic design (refer toCustomizer 10000 Lesson 5 How Do I Bring In A Graphic Design?).

Since we are going to CREATE embroidery, let's go to the Create Menu on the Standard toolbar and click on it.


A drop-down menu will appear. The fifth entry in the menu is Auto Register. Click on it to bring up the Auto Register dialog box.


If you would like your embroidery to have a running-stitch outline around it, click on the box next to Outline. A check mark will appear.

Before we select the Color Sensitivity, we need to understand color graphics and how Customizer 10000 works with them.

When viewing the lion graphic, our eyes see eleven colors, but there may be hundreds of colors in the lion! Graphic artists use many colors to shade the lion to the exact color chosen. They are contained in the pixels of the graphic.

EasyImport had to be programmed to look for all these colors and try to match them to the 78 colors of Janome embroidery thread. The Color Sensitivity function was created for this attempt. We can tell EasyImport to try to match more colors by increasing the sensitivity of this function. However, be aware that occasionally, even though your eye may see a color very clearly, Easy Import may "see" it as a different color.

We control the color sensitivity through the Adjust Color Sensitivity dialog box, which will appear when we click on Preview.


You test the color matching by clicking on the radio buttons and viewing the picture within the dialog box. When you like the way the color looks, click OK.

You will return to the Auto Register dialog box. The color sensitivity you selected will show in the dialog box radio buttons.


Click Start to generate the embroidery.

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