Software Lessons

I'm Going To Create A New Design. How Do I Make The Design Fit In A Specific Hoop?

The "NEW" icon is the first icon on the Standard Toolbar. It looks like a piece of paper with the top corner folded down. When you click on the "NEW" icon, a menu box will appear in the center of the screen. It will give you a choice of the three hoop sizes. Click on the size you want.


You will also see this menu if you click on "File" on the Menu toolbar and then click on "New."


There is a second method to choose a hoop size, also using the "NEW" icon. Next to the "NEW" icon is a down arrow. Click on the down arrow. A drop-down menu will appear containing the three hoop sizes. Click on the size you want.


When you click on the desired hoop size, a box will form on the graphic side of the of the design screen. The graphic design you choose will be resized to the size of the box. In other words, if you choose "Small Hoop" or "50 x 50," your graphic will be adjusted to fit the design box for the small free arm hoop for the MC10000.

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