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EasyEdit provides the ability to place lettering in your design.


EasyEdit provides the ability to place lettering in your design. There are seven fonts, and each font can be scaled from 13 mm (approximately 1/2") to 30 mm (approximately 1 1/4"). The seven fonts are: 
Lettering can be generated in any thread color, and there are several options for orientation. Lettering can also be combined with other embroidery designs.

To access the Lettering function, click the Monogram icon
The Monogram dialog box will appear.

The dialog box will be titled with the hoop you've chosen as your combine hoop size, as well as show you a screen representing the hoop.

The Monogram dialog box provides a lot of options for producing text. 
The Letters/Numbers box at the top of the dialog box is where you type text.

Type Janome.

Click the down arrow in the Font box. Click Bauhaus font.
Click to size 20 mm.

The Layout box controls the lettering orientation.

Click the first orientation choice. When the first orientation is chosen, each letter is independent, and can be moved separately by clicking on it and dragging it.

Under this orientation only, you have the option to choose spacing from the drop-down Spacing box. Spacing controls how much space will be placed between letters. The spacing you choose will depend on the lettering size, the font you choose, and the placement area. We will leave the spacing at Normal.

Click the Register icon to generate the lettering on the screen. 
When the second orientation is chosen, letters are produced on a straight base line. There is a red indicator at the beginning and end of the base line. When the indicators are clicked and dragged, the lettering can be reoriented to vertical, diagonal, and/or re-spaced. 
The third orientation creates arced lettering. There are three red indicators on the base line that when dragged, will create rainbow arcing, smile arcing, and changes in letter spacing. 
To change the color of the lettering, click the Color button at the left corner of the bottom of the dialog box. The Monogram Color dialog box will appear. 
Click the thread color you want for your lettering. Click OK. The lettering will be changed to the chosen color. 
When you are ready to place the lettering on the EasyEdit design screen, click OK. A Confirmation box will appear. It is asking if it should save the current design, which is the lettering you just produced. If you do not need to save the lettering separately, click No to generate the lettering on the design screen. 
If you want to save the lettering separate from the design you are creating, click Yes. A Save As dialog box will appear, where you can name your lettering as a separate file and save it for future use. 
Once you click the Save button, the lettering will generate on the Design Screen. 

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