Software Lessons

Resizing, Skewing, and Rotating Designs

What you'll learn 
You'll learn how the icons, tools, and techniques for manipulating designs in the edit screen. 

A. Resizing/Skewing Designs 

    Designs can be resized on the EasyEdit design screen. However, when they are resized, the stitch count is not regenerated, so the software will place a limit of 20% larger or 20% smaller that you can modify designs.
  1. We will bring in a floral design and resize it.
  2. To import a design, we can either click the Import icon 
  3. Click File, Import Design. 
    Either way will bring up the Open/Import Files dialog box.
  4. The designs we want are in the Floral Designs folder. The path is C:\Program Files\Janome\Customizer 10000 Plus\MCnnnn\EasyEdit Designs\Floral Designs. The design we want is Floral1.
  5. Click once on it to see it in the preview window. Click the Open button to bring it to the design screen. 
  6. The design will be placed on the design screen with a black box around it, indicating that it is selected. 
    Image Image
  7. At each of the four corners of the black box are sizing nodes. To increase the size of the design, slide you cursor over one of the nodes until it becomes a double arrow. Click on the node and drag outward diagonally.
  8. Notice that you can drag outward diagonally until the design is proportionately larger. However, if you drag up, the design will get taller. If you drag right or left, the design will grow wider. This is called skewing.
  9. Dragging the node inward will make the design smaller.

B. Flipping Designs

      Designs can be flipped horizontally or vertically.

1. To flip horizontally, click the Flip Horizontal icon. The design, if facing left, will now face right. 

2. To flip vertically, click 
the Flip Vertical icon. The design, if upright, will now be upside down. 

3. You can also click Edit, Rotate/Flip...

4. The Rotate/Flip dialog box will appear. 

5. Clicking one of the Flip radio buttons and then clicking OK will flip your design.

C. Rotating Designs 
Designs can be rotated on the screen.

  1. The fastest and easiest way to rotate is to slide your cursor over one of the sizing nodes and RIGHT CLICK on it. The cursor will become a curved arrow. 
  2. Once it becomes a curved arrow, you can drag on the embroidery to rotate it to any degree you choose. 
  3. You can click the Rotate icon to rotate the embroidery design 90 degrees at a time. Click the Rotate icon. 
  4. You can click the down arrow next to the Rotate icon to quickly rotate the design 180 degrees or 270 degrees. 
  5. You can also click Edit, Rotate/Flip...
  6. The Rotate/Flip dialog box will appear. 
  7. Clicking one of the radio buttons and then clicking OK will rotate your design.

Note: You can set the direction for free rotate with the right mouse button by clicking the left curve or right curve radio button. 

D. Transferring Rotated Designs 
When a design is rotated on the screen and transferred to the Memory Craft, it will not stay rotated. It will be transferred at 0 degrees. Here's a little trick to keep the design rotated for transfer: combine it with another design that you won't sew. The combined design will stay rotated.

  1. To combine with a design that you won't sew, create a letter or comma from the monogram function.
  2. Click the Monogram icon. 
  3. The Monogram dialog box will appear.
  4. Type a comma in the text box. Click Register to generate the comma. 
    Note: Create the comma in a color that is not in the embroidery design. 
    For example, we created our comma in black thread because there is no black in the flowers design.
  5. Click OK to generate the embroidery on the design screen. Click No - don't save the current design. 
  6. Now, combine the designs together. (Please see Lesson #3.)
  7. ClickFile, Print Preview to see how the template will look. 
  8. When the design is transferred, the flowers will be rotated. We just won't sew the black comma.

C. Combining Sideways

    The Combine function only provides the B hoop in an upright position. Sometimes, it would be easier to sew the designs if they were combined sideways.
  1. Click the New icon to clear the screen. 
  2. Click Import to bring up the Open/Import dialog box.
  3. Click Floral07 once to see it in the Preview window. Click OK to bring it to the design screen.
  4. Move it away from the center of the screen.
  5. Import Floral12 to the design screen. 
  6. Click the Rotate icon to rotate Floral12 90 degrees to the left.
  7. Click on Floral07 to select it.
  8. Click the Rotate icon to rotate it 90 degrees.
  9. Position the two designs together. 
  10. Click the Combine icon and combine the two designs.
  11. Once combined, designs can be rotated, also.
  12. Click on the combined designs to select them.
  13. Click the rotate icon until they are across the page. 
  14. To see what the template will look like, click File, Print Preview. 
  15. Notice that the repositioned arrow is pointing to the side. Where the arrow is pointing will be UP in the B hoop.
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