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Customizer 11000 - Combining Designs in a Hoop

 In Customizer 11000, any designs combined in a hoop are treated as one design. By placing the designs in the representation of a hoop on the computer screen, you can create a multi-design embroidery that will sew just the way you placed it. And, with the SQ hoop as large as it is, you can create gorgeous designs in one hooping! 

In this lesson, we are going to create a design for a pillow in a SQ hoop. 
Click the New icon or click File, New

Either one will bring the Select Hoop/Sheets dialog box to the screen. 
Click the SQ hoop icon

A new screen will open showing the SQ hoop.

To see the entire hoop in the screen, click View, Overview
The magnification of the screen will reduce from 100% to 72%.

To create this design, we will import the Corner1.jef design from the Border & Corner folder. 

Click the Import icon or click File, Import Design, Stitch File or click the down arrow next to the Import icon and click Stitch File.


The Import Files dialog will appear. Change the Look in: box to C:\Program Files\Janome\Customizer 11000\SampleDesigns\1.Designs\Border & Corner.

Click once on 
Corner1.jef to 
highlight it and see 
it in the Preview 

Click the Open 
button to bring it 
to the screen.

Click on the design and drag it to the upper left quadrant left and above the centering lines. 


There is a single design in the hoop.

We’re going to use the Auto Layout cornering feature to reproduce the design into a great looking arrangement. ClickEdit, Auto Layout, Corner

A design does not have to be in an actual corner. Any design within a quadrant can be cornered, which is why it is so helpful to have the centering lines on the screen. The design is duplicated and inverted along the centering lines. 

There are now four designs in the hoop. 

We can use the same design in the actual corners of the hoop. 

The upper left design is still selected and has a box around it. We can copy it and move it to a corner.

Click the Copy icon or click Edit, Copy.

A fifth design will appear on the screen. 

Move it to the lower right corner.
Click Edit, Auto Layout, Corner.

There are now eight designs combined in the hoop. 


With just one embroidery design, we’ve created an elegant design for a pillow top. Wouldn’t this be pretty sewn tone-on-tone? 

The designs will sew in the sequence that they were placed on the screen. When cornering is used, Customizer 11000 will determine the sewing sequence. If you prefer to decide the sewing sequence, you can click on designs to order them. The first design clicked will sew first, the second clicked will sew second, and so on.

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