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Customizer 11000 - Saving Designs

In this lesson, we will save the pillow top design we created in Lesson #12. 

Click File, Save As... 

The Save As dialog box will appear.

We are going to save the design in the My Designs folder. My Designs is an empty folder that was placed on your computer when Customizer 11000 was installed.

The path for this folder is C:\Program Files\ Janome\Customizer 11000\SampleDesigns\My Designs.

Change the Save in: box to 
point to My Designs. 

Type a name for the design 
in the File name: box.

In Customizer 11000, we have two choices for file type. We can save a design as a 

  1. Customizer Layout File (.clf) – this is the generic file type that Customizer 11000 uses when you create an embroidery file to use in the Memory Craft 11000. Choose this file type if you are only using this design for the MC 11000.
  2. Janome Embroidery File (.jef) – this is the file type Janome created for use with the Memory Craft 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, and 300E. It can also be used in the Memory Craft 11000 because it is automatically converted to a .jef+ file when it is read in this machine. Choose this file type if a design needs to have an embroidery design file extension because
    • you plan to use a design in other Janome software, such as Customizer 10000 Plus, Digitizer 10000, or Digitizer Pro. These programs will not be able to open the .clf format.
    • you plan to share a design with another person.
    • you plan to use a design in a Memory Craft 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, or 300E. (Note: this specific design cannot be used in any of these Memory Craft models because it is created for the SQ hoop, which is not available on these models.)

Click the Save button to save the design to the My Designs folder.

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