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Customizer 11000 - Overview

Janome Customizer 11000

Although the software is called Customizer 11000, the Customizer 11000 CD-Rom actually contains three separate software packages: Customizer 10000 Plus, Customizer 10000 Plus for 350E and Customizer 11000. Customizer 10000 Plus is the digitizing and layout software package for the Memory Crafts 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, and 300E. Customizer 10000 Plus for 350E is the digitizing and layout software package for the Memory Craft 350E. Customizer 11000 is digitizing and layout software for the Memory Craft 11000.

Customizer 10000 Plus and Customizer 11000 have the same functionality, but the communication (transfer) systems are different for the various Memory Crafts. That is why you must choose which Memory Craft(s) you will be working with when you install the software. The choice allows you to alternate between (or among) your various machines.

Customizer 10000 Plus is comprised of three unique programs, Easy Import, Easy Edit, and Easy GigaHoop. Customizer 11000 combines the functions of the Customizer 10000 Plus software suite into one program.

For those of you who will be working with the Customizer 10000 Plus portion of the software, please see the Customizer 10000/10000 Plus Overview and lessons under the Easy Import, Easy Edit, and Easy GigaHoop headings.

For those of you who will be working with the Customizer 11000 portion of the software, it gives you more embroidery power for your Memory Craft 11000 sewing machine. Through the software, you can

* transfer embroidery designs from your computer to your Memory Craft via USB cable, compact flash (ATA card), or USB Memory Key * create embroidery designs from graphic images * create lettering for your embroidery designs * create multiple-design embroidery layouts * combine several designs together so you hoop less often * create templates to guarantee perfect placement * create large embroidery layouts for the MacroHoop * convert .sew designs to .jef and .jef+ designs

When Customizer 11000 is installed on your computer, an icon will be placed on your desktop: 

When you double-click on the icon to Activate, the Start Customizer dialog box will appear. The software will initiate. 

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