Software Lessons

Different Machines, Different Customizers

Installing Customizer for your machine.

Janome Customizer software comes in a box that is titled Customizer 11000.  It really should be titled Janome Customizer Software, because no matter which embroidery machine you have, it is on the cd in the box.

When you insert the cd into your computer, a menu with three choices will appear.  Depending on which MemoryCraft you choose, you will install the correct software for your machine.

The first choice will install Customizer 11000.  Choose this entry if you have a MemoryCraft 11000 or 200E.

Note: Customizer 11000 must be updated to version 1.4 in order to add the MC200E to the software.  Directions for downloading and updating to this version can be found by clicking Software Updates under the Learning Center tab.

The second choice will install Customizer 10000 Plus.  Choose this entry if your MemoryCraft is 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, or 300E.

The third choice will install Customizer 10000 Plus for MC350E.  Choose this entry if your MemoryCraft is 350E. 

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