Software Lessons

Automatic Outlines and Borders

Part 1 - Redwork

1. Set the machine to MC11000 and set the Hoop to ST (126 x 110)

2. Click Image, then Insert Image
3. Locate the following directory - C:\EmbroideryAlbum\Lillium.eps
(NOTE: Remember to set Files of Type to "All Files")
4. Click Open
5. Ensure that the image is selected (black square around the edge of the image)
6. Click on the Fly-Out menu triangle of Click-to-Design icon

7. Click Click-to-Design Advanced icon
8. Click Image Preperation button

9. Type in the number 7 into tyhe Reduce To: box
10. Click OK
11. Check the Add Outline box (leave the color as Vermillion)
12. Click and drag all the colors in the Fill Colors to the Omit Colors column
13. Click OK
14. Turn the Dislplay Images icon off
15. Click outside of the design to deselect the highlight selected and yes you have a wonderful redwork design created with minimal effort

16. Click Save icon. Locate My Documents on your computer and create a directory for Digitizer Lessons. Save the file as "Redwork Flower". Click Save.

Part 2 - Borders

1. Turn on Display Images icon

2. Click Undo icon once to remove the outline stitching. Ensure that the image is selected.

3. Click Click-to-Design Advanced icon

4. Check Add Border and choose a color from the drop-down list

5. Click OK
6. Click Visualiser icon

7. Turn off Display Images icon
8. Click Save icon. Locate your Digitizer Lessons folder. Save the files as "Framed Flower". Click Save.

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