Software Lessons

Easy Layout

1. Click New icon.

2. Click on the down arrow for Hoop Selection and select the SQ (200 x 200).

3. Click on both the Grid and Display icons to turn them off.

4. Click Display Layout Work Area icon from the new Easy Layout Toolbar.

5. You will probably need to Zoom Out so that you can view the whole layour. By default this layout is 1m x 1m. However if you Click Define Layout Work Area then you can select between rectangular and circular shapes up to 3m. But this time we will stay with the default settings.
6. Select Embroidery from the Menu. Insert Design C:\EmbroideryAlbum\FloralDesign2.JAN. Click Open. Press Ctrl + G to group the design.
7. Right click and drag to clone the design and move the cloned design to the upper left corner. Click again to show the rotation handles and rotate the design so that it sits 45° across the corner.
8. Ensure that the design is selected. Click Copy and Mirror to Corners icon. Now another 3 designs will be positioned in the remaining corners. To accept the new designs you can either click Apply or Press Enter on the keyboard.

9. Click on the design in the center to select it. Click and drag the design just under half way down the layout.

10. Click Copy to Circle icon. Increase the number in the Spin Box to 8. See how wonderfully the design elements build up? To accept the new portion of the layout, click Apply. Be patient while the computer processes the overall layout.

11. Click the Save icon. Locate your Digitizer Lessons folder. Save the file as "Floral Layout". Click Save.

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