Software Lessons

Florentine Effect

1. Click New icon.

2. Select Embroidery from Menu. Click Insert Design. Locate C:\EmbroideryAlbum\Doll.JAN. Click Open.
3. Hold down the Shift key and resize the design to approximately 180%.
4. Click outside of the design to deselect it and click on the dress to select it. Right Click and Click Object Details. Change the Stitch Type to Embossed Fill. Change the Pattern to Chevron 2. LEave the settings at their default. Click OK.

5. Click Florentine Effect icon. Give the computer time to calculate the new effect and then look at the result in the pattern,

NOTE: Florentine Effect will work with Parallel Weave Fill Objects only.
6. Click Reshape icon. Look closely and you will notice a curved line and in the center of that line is a dot. Place your cursor on that dot until you see a 4 headed arrow. Now click and drag the dot down to just above the bottom of the dress as shown bu the green arrow. Give the computer time to recalculate. The result is that the dress appears to have pleats in it. Press Esc to exit Reshape mode.

7. Right Click the brim of the hat. Click Object Details. Change the Stitch Type to Motif Fill and the Pattern to 010. Click the Layout Button. The Layout pattern is now centered in the hoop. You will notice that there are 3 blue motifs. These are the control motifs. Click and drag the one that has the selection handles around it up in front of the bonnet brim.

8. Zoom in around the layout motifs. Resize the selected motif to approximately 60%. Click on the motif until you see the rotation handles and rotate the motif until it follows the direction of the bonnet brim. Select the right motif and move it closer to the main motif. Then select the upper motif and position it betweem the first 2 motifs. When you are satisfied with the positioning, press Enter to commit the changes. Zoom Out to view the results. 

9. Click Florentine Effect icon.

10. Click Reshape. Move the 2 square boxes at either end of the Florentine Effect line to the positions shown (off center vertical orientation). Now move the dot in the center of the line to the position shown. Now we need to create another node to create a double curve. Position your cursor on the line half way between the bottom square and the upper dot and right click. Click and drag the new dot over to the left as shown. Press Esc to end the function.

11. Right click in the back of the bonnet. Click Object Details. Change the stitch type to Embossed Fill and the pattern to "Basket". Set size to 6.00 and X & Y to 4.00. Click OK.

12. Right click in green sash. Click Object Details. Change stitch type to Weave Fill and Pattern to 4. Leave other settings as the default. Click OK.

13. Click Save icon. Locate your Digitizer Lessons folder. Save the file as "Baby Doll". Click Save.

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