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GigaHoop and Digitizer

The largest embroidery design for the Janome MemoryCraft 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, or 300E that can be created in DigitizerPro is a design for sewing in the B hoop. The sewing area, represented by the red box, is approximately 5.5" by 7 3/4".

You can create a design that will sew in every square inch of this hoop. In fact, if you create a giant square from corner to corner, you will create almost 43 square inches of embroidery!


Our design totaled 39,816 stitches!
The GigaHoop is not represented as one of the hoops for which you can create designs in either Digitizer Pro or Digitizer 10000.

The GigaHoop sews specially created designs that are layout files. They have a file extension of .arg (Arrangement files). They are created exclusively in the Janome Customizer 10000 Plus software.
GigaHoop designs are actually two B-hoop sized designs that overlap side to side so they have a total dimension of approximately 8" by 9". When a GigaHoop design, an .arg file, is transferred to any of the MemoryCrafts listed above, the MemoryCraft is programmed to sew the right B-hoop sized design completely, and then sew the left B-hoop sized design upside down.

In order to create actual GigaHoop layout files, we use Customizer 10000 Plus software (please see the Easy GigaHoop lessons).

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