Software Lessons

Lettering - New Reshape Nodes

1. Click New icon.

2. Click on the down arrow for Hoop Selection and select the ST (126 x 110).

3. Click the Lettering icon. Set the size tp 20.00mm. Click in the text box to activate and type in "Janome". Click OK.

4. Click within the hoop to create the text. Center the design if necessary.

5. Click the reshape icon. Click on the diamond shape in the middle of the "J" to enter new reshape mode. These new nodes affect the individual letter only. Make the "J" bigger and skew it slightly. See how the baseline readjusts itself to accomodate the new letter shape.

6. You also have the ability to move the lettering away from the baseline and not just along the baseline. To do this, hold the Shift key down on the keyboard and click and drag on the center diamond handle either up or down. If you want to move the letter along the baseline then don't hold down the Shift key, just click and drag on the diamond handle.
7. Click Save icon. Locate your Digitizer Lessons folder. Save the file as "Lettering". Click Save.

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