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Using the Sequence Tool to Delete Objects

As we saw in Lesson #7, the Resequence tool can be used to resequence, combine, and select objects and thread colors. It also can be used to delete objects and thread colors from a design.


What you'll learn
As we saw in Lesson #7, the Resequence tool can be used to resequence, combine, and select objects and thread colors. It also can be used to delete objects and thread colors from a design. Here is an example, using the new swan design you created in Lesson #7.
The aim of this lesson is to create swans on the water, removing the grass from the embroidery.

Eliminate the Grass
1. Click on the green box in the Resequence dialog to select all green parts of the embroidery,which is the grass. The grass will show as highlighted and boxed. 
2. Click the delete icon at the bottom of the Resequence dialog.

3. The color box is deleted from the Resequence dialog. The grass is deleted from the design. 

Create a Second Swan
1. To create a second swan, we will now select the swan in the design and duplicate it.
The swan is made up from three colors, white for the body, yellow for the bill, and gray for the accents. We must access all three colors in order to get the swan.
2. Hold the Ctrl key on your keyboardand at the same timeclick the white box, the yellow box, and the gray box. The Ctrl key signals that you want to select multiple colors at one time. 
3. Right click on the swan and drag the duplicate to the left. Notice that when the swan is duplicated, the three colors for the swan are added to the end of the color sequence. 
4. Since we want the swans to be kissing, the duplicated swan needs to be flipped along the vertical axis. This action will turn the swan to face the other way. Click the Flip Along Vertical icon, which is located on the Editing toolbar. 

5. Drag the swan until it is positioned bill to bill with the first swan.
Note:You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard as nudge keys. Pressing these keys will move selected objects a tiny bit in the direction of the arrow.
Note:If you accidentally deselect the swan and need to reselect it, hold the Ctrl key down and click the white, yellow, and gray boxes at the end of the Resequence dialog.
6. When you like the position of your swan, deselect by clicking anywhere on the design screen, but not on embroidery.

Position the Water
1. The water is only under the swan on the right. We can easily reposition it by selecting it, moving it, and/or stretching it.
2. Click the blue box in the Resequence dialog. The water will select.
3. Slide your cursor over the middle box on the right side of the water. The cursor will become a double arrow.
4. Click and drag the box to the left to shorten the length of the water.

5. Do the same on the left side of the water to lengthen it and center it under the two swans.

ImageChange the Hoop
1. The swans now measure about 6" long, which is too long for the ST or A hoop. We will need to change the hoop for the larger embroidery.
2. Click the down arrow in the hoop box to see the hoop choices.
3. For users of the Janome Memory Craft 11000, click and choose the SQ hoop.
Users of the Janome Memory Craft 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, or 300E: click and choose Hoop B.

Note:for purposes of this lesson, we are choosing Hoop B.
4. Click the Zoom Out icon to halve the magnification in the Zoom box to 50%. This will allow you to see the entire hoop. 

5. Select the entire design by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard,and at the same time, pressthe A key on the keyboard. This is a shortcut for Select All. The entire design will be highlighted. Drag it and center it in the hoop.

6. Deselect the design.
7. DigitizerPro has a feature where you can turn your hoop horizontal to position the longer embroidery. Click the Rotate Hoop icon, which is the last icon on the Editing toolbar.

8. Your hoop will rotate 90 degrees.
Note:the yellow band on the hoop indicates the top of the hoop, which is where the hoop clamp is located. When sewing this design, we will actually sew with the swans' heads to the right and the water to the left.

Resequence the Embroidery
1. You can see in the design that the left swan is sewing over the water. This is happening because the left swan was added at the end of the design after the blue thread color. Even though we lengthened the water, it is sequenced to sew before, and therefore under, the left swan.
2. By resequencing the colors, we will combine colors to sew all the white thread (the bodies of the swans) first, then sew all the yellow thread (the beaks of the swans), then the gray thread (the accents), then the blue thread (the water).
3. Because the right swan was the original swan, each color will sew first for the right swan, then sew for the left swan. (Please see the following lesson, #9 Sewing Sequence with Slow Redraw, to see how the design will "sew" on the screen.)
4. Click the second white box in the Resequence dialog. Click the up arrow icon on the bottom of the dialog three times or drag it up to combine it with the first white box.

5. Click the second yellow box. Combine it with the first yellow box.
6. Click the second gray box. Combine it with the first gray box.
7. The Resequence dialog will now have four colors in it. 

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