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Send a Design to the Memory Craft 10000

Once an embroidery design is created and edited, it is ready to send to the Memory Craft 10000.


Once an embroidery design is created and edited, it is ready to send to the Memory Craft 10000. The designmust be on the Customizer 10000 design screen. The Memory Craft 10000 must be in PC Link mode. The USB or RS232C cable must connect the Memory Craft 10000 and the computer.


There are two ways to access the Send Designs dialog box in order to send the design.



Click on the Memory Craft menu on the Standard Toolbar. Click on the first menu entry in the drop-down menu, Send a Design...



You can also click on the Send Design icon.



Either way will bring up the Send Designs dialog box. Click on the Built-in radio button to ensure that the design will go to the Memory Craft 10000 built-in memory.

If you have saved your design prior to sending it to the Memory Craft 10000, your design will be sent to the sewing machine by the name you gave it when you saved it. If you have not saved your design, the design will be sent by the name of the bitmap or clipart that was used to create your design.

However, you can change the name of the design by clicking on the Name button. The Jef name dialog box will appear, where you can type in a new name for the design. Click OK to use the new name, or click Cancel to use the default name.


If you are connected to the Memory Craft 10000 via USB cable, your Send Designs box will note that the USB is Connected. If you are connected using an RS232-C cable, the note on top will say USB Disconnected.

Click Start to transmit the design to the Memory Craft 10000. You will see the transmission box sending the design on the computer screen and on the Memory Craft 10000 screen. When the transmission is completed, the design will be in the PC Link memory.

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