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Transferring a Design to the MC11000 via Compact Flash Card or Memory Key

You'll learn how to transfer a design to the MC11000 via compact flash card or USB memory key.


What you'll learn 
You'll learn how to transfer a design to the MC11000 via compact flash card or USB memory key. 

If you cannot or choose not to connect your MC11000 to your computer with a USB cable, you can write a design that is on the Customizer 11000 design screen to a folder on a compact flash card (ATA card) or USB Memory Key in your computer. The device you write to then becomes a transportation device to carry your design to the MC11000. 

To send the design on the screen to a folder in a flash memory device inserted into your computer : 

1. Open or Import Floral01 design. 
2. Click FlashMemory, Write a Design...


Click the Write a Design icon.
Either way will bring up the Write a Design (Off-line) dialog box. 
The Write a Design (Off-line) dialog box is divided into several sections.

  • The Flash Memory selection shows the possible devices where a design could be written to on your computer. Each device will be shown by its drive letter.
  • The Write Button will activate once you choose where you want to write the design.
  • The name of the design currently on the screen is shown.
  • The Name change button allows you to change the name of the design currently on the screen. If the design was just digitized on screen, it may only have a name of Untitled. You can change the name that you write to a flash device.
  • The Folder identification will show folders in the flash memory device you have chosen.

The sequence to send a design to the memory device is:

  1. Choose which flash memory device you want to use
  2. Point to the folder in the flash memory device you have chosen
  3. Rename the design, if desired
  4. Click the Write button

Step 1. Choose which flash memory you want to use.
If you have more than one device, Customizer 11000 will automatically select the lowest drive letter and send a request to the selected flash memory for its list of folders. 

If you wish to choose a different device, click on the drive letter. Customizer will send a request to receive a list of the folders on the device you selected. The device you have chosen will be highlighted. 

Step 2. Point to the folder in the memory you have chosen.

In the dialog box to the right, only one folder, Embf, is in the selected memory device, so it is the only one showing. If you have created additional folders in the Memory device, you will see those in the Folder box, also. 

Double click on the folder where you want to send your design. This will open the folder and make it available to receive the design. 

Note:Any designs already in the folder will show on the dialog box.

The Write button will activate and the arrow will turn red. 

Step 3. Rename the design, if desired.
When we open a design, the name is shown on Customizer 11000's title bar. If the name is acceptable to you, you don't need to change it. 

However, when we create a design from a graphic or open a design that is named with a number, it is difficult to tell from the name what kind of design we have. We can change the name before transferring the design to the MC11000. 

To Rename a Design: 
1. Click the Name button. A Jef Name dialog box will appear with the name highlighted. 

2. Type the new name over the highlighting and click OK. The name will change and be shown in the design name section. 

Step 4. Click the Write button.

Click the Write button to transfer the design to the flash memory.

Note: You will not see a progress box because the design will be written so quickly.

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