Welcome to Janome’s 2023 Holiday Open House: Season of Giving. This year, we celebrate all the ways that we can choose to give. Whether you are gifting yourself, a friend, or your community, we are here to support you with inspiration, support, and the sewing machine you’ll need to get it done beautifully.







Our Janome Educators and Makers are here to give you the inspiration you need to make gifts for your friends, family, or community! We’ll release a project everyday from December 4-8th.

Daily Videos for the Week of December 4th through the 8th


Season of Giving

What’s better than winning an amazing prize from Janome? Winning TWO! If you win a prize from Janome’s Holiday Open House: Season of Giving Contest, you’ll win one prize for yourself, and one to gift to someone you care about! This GOGO – Get One, Give One – Contest can only be entered by scanning a code found at your local dealer. Head to your favorite dealer to enter to win today! Or find a dealer here.

Contest runs from November 1st through December 9th. Winners will be drawn one a day starting on December 12th.

Prizes Below

Community Sewing

Sometimes, giving is more important than receiving. This could not be more true about sewing for your community. Janome and our partners work with many organizations throughout the year to bring joy or comfort to those in need. Our network of dealers make that same impact in their local communities.

Contact your local dealer

To see how you can help support their efforts for Community Sewing Today! Or, check out this list of organizations that our Maker Network is involved with to see if there’s a cause that speaks to you!


Janome’s Makers are working on some special surprises for each other this holiday! Follow along on our social media to see the wonderful handmade gifts that they are stitching up for one another. Maybe they will inspire a gift you can make yourself! 

What will your favorite maker get?

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