My mother taught my two sisters and I how to sew. Although my mother loves to make pageant dresses with lots of lace and ruffles for our daughters, a new friend asked me to make a dress for her six month old daughter. This was my first sewing commission. She bought the material and notions and I started by using a zig zag on the edges of the ruffles. I kept having lots of issues with my machine and couldn't figure out what the problem was. When I looked at the thread, I realized that it was buttonhole thread. I have continued sewing on commission for the last 20+ years and I always make it a habit to purchase the thread myself. 

I was asked to make this silk machine embroidery smock dress for my friend's niece, which she wore for a pageant. She won Queen and Best Dress! I decided to enter this dress as it represents my journey as a seamstress, making custom dresses to fit the event and personality of the person who wears it. This custom dress tradition started with my mom and now goes on with a 2nd generation. I love working one-on-one to design something unique.

Kaye Lessard
Sulphur, LA
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