My Grandma B was an avid sewist. She made everything and inspired me to begin sewing. However, I was horrible at it and gave it up for many years. After Grandma B passed away, it wasn't long until I pulled out my sewing machine and started sewing again. This time, I was much better at it. When my machine dropped on the floor, I brought it to the local sewing machine dealer, which happened to be Heuer's Sewing Center. Ron talked me into getting a Janome New Home ME23x. He told me I would like it far better than my old machine and he was correct. This is also where I met my future husband, Jeff. When people ask me where I met my husband, I tell them, "At the sewing machine shop!"

I started challenging myself to try different techniques and use different materials. Over the years, I have exhibited my sewing projects at County Fairs and have even won first place! These days, I am into making quilts from T-shirts and anything else I can get my hands on. My entry is my husband's Christmas gift from 2012. He had gone through all of his shirts and tossed a bunch of them into the garbage, so I retrieved them and, with some help from my sons, created this quilt for him.
I still have my JNHME23x. When people ask me what my favorite machine is, I reply that it depends on what I am going to do.
Cindy Heuer
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
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