As a young shy student, I hated to talk in front of class. When introduced to sewing and 4-H, I became more comfortable in sharing my skills with others. 

Sewing became my passion. My mother, grandmothers and other friends helped me stay interested. I was lucky enough that sewing was taught in my junior and senior high schools.

My dad who was a mechanic said if any of his kids followed in his footsteps it would be me because I had the most patience. I began to work at a small sewing machine shop that sold New Home sewing machines. Later on, I became a sewing machine tech and eventually a business owner. I built my business teaching others how to sew, but most importantly, the wonderful features and benefits of the New Home/Janome sewing machines. Their ease-of-use have given students of all ages confidence that they could learn the many new techniques. Now I have three locations and am still teaching sewing. My grandchildren are now taking sewing lessons as well.

Remember to always share your love of sewing with all generations. 

Sue Fox
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