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By: traceyx
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needle threader

  1. needle threader

    hi i am looking for a needle threader,my one as broken,were would i get one,have looked online but cant seem to find one,does anyone know were i could look next..thanks
    Posted: Feb 23 2011 By: traceyx
  2. needle threader

    and my sewing machine is memory creaft 5700,thanks
    Posted: Feb 23 2011 By: traceyx
  3. needle threader

    I noticed with your other posting you have the MC5700. I am not sure about the needle threader as the 5700 was discontinued a number of years ago, however if it took a standard needle threader you would need your dealer to install it for you so why not take your machine in to your local dealer and let him order one for you and then he can install it.

    Posted: Feb 23 2011 By: MOM
  4. RE: needle threader

    I have a Janome M7 Continental and the the needle threader no longer works... I have only had this machine for one week. Is this common? Or is there a easy fix?
    Posted: Jun 28 2020 By: BrittanyChasse
  5. RE: needle threader

    Your machine is so new, that I think this is something that you should take up with your dealer. I think a lesson with them would be a good idea. I find needle threaders to be rather finicky, but I've had issues with most of my Janome machines for over 35 years - sometimes they work and others its a NO GO. My Continental M7 is no exception, but lately she works 100% of time. You do need to do a "needle up/down", lock the machine and make sure that the thread is absolutely in all the correct places in the thread path, hold your tongue just right, with a bit of thread extra at the end, meaning don't cut it off, and then pull the lever and hope for the best.

    Posted: Jul 02 2020 By: CherylAnn
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