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By: devilcat
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Horizon Link updates

  1. Horizon Link updates

    When I got my 12000, I loaded the HL disk and it made a nice little icon on my desktop. I use it for template printing. There have been two updates. I have put both on my PC. Each made two icons, one showing the HL update and another with a picture of a USB stick. So I know that they are on my computer. If I click on these, it shows that there is an update there. But if I want to print a template or do anything with HL, I have to go to the original download (from the diskto get the window showing all the HL stuff. . Have these updates magically gone into this original download? Is there anything else I should be doing? When I updated my machine, it told me on the opening screen that the updates what version I now had so I could tell that the updates were there. There doesn't seem to be anything similar for the HL.

    Posted: Jul 18 2012 By: devilcat
  2. Horizon Link updates


    The original HL icon is the one that opens the program. The one with the USB stick is also there but you don't need to use it. It has something to do with the software. Try deleting it. If the message says "Are you sure you want to delete this shortcut to the recycle bin." you can get rid of it as the program will still be on your hard drive. The other is probably the update and you've completed that so it can be put in the trash as well. If you ever have to re-install it will always be on the "Global" site to get again.

    Don't let this sewing machine get you down. You'll understand it soon and all will be well.

    Posted: Jul 18 2012 By: CherylAnn
  3. Horizon Link updates

    Hi there, I also have a question!! it says that there is an additional monogram 9mm capital in block font - where can I find this please!! I clicked on the monogram button but it's not there. Thanks.
    Posted: Jul 20 2012 By: trace1024
  4. Horizon Link updates

    Using HL is a bit like taking a mystery tour.

    Posted: Jul 20 2012 By: devilcat
  5. Horizon Link updates

    Mercy! Di NOT delete that "USB" icon, click on it to open it and it will install the driver that allows the HL to talk directly to your 12000.
    When you do the 1.1 update (the one that was just released in July), it will overwrite the exixting HL and if you already installed the drivers you don't have to do this again.
    Posted: Jul 20 2012 By: jsm1144
  6. Horizon Link updates

    Oh, to find out the version, open the program and from that main screen, in the upper left corner you'll see a little icon that looks like the 12000, click on that and at the bottom of that pop up list, you'll see the version icon (a blue circle with an i in it , I think) click on that and the version will show.)
    Posted: Jul 20 2012 By: jsm1144
  7. Horizon Link updates

    Thanks. I did as you said and it showed that all (2) of the updates magically popped into the original installation and it now shows v.1.10.

    Posted: Jul 21 2012 By: devilcat
  8. RE: Horizon Link updates

    I updated my machine with the 2.11 version. After a successful installation, (I thought) I do not see most of my stiches. Not the "saved" stiches, but the factory installed stiches. What did I do wrong and why can't I see these stiches?

    Please help!!!
    Posted: Dec 02 2019 By: pativ
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