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By: TanaTN2009
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Beginner Skyline S5
I am new to sewing and my machine. Is there an easy project I can follow and learn my machine? This would be wonderful.

Thanks for any replies.


  1. RE: Beginner Skyline S5

    I've answered on another spot "Ideas", but have another thing to tell you.

    Go to "INSPIRE" and check it out. There are all kinds of Projects there under that heading. There are lots of good ideas there.

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, but it must be an Apple product, there is an "App" called "Footbook" for about $10 available from the App Store - go here to learn about it. k.html
    Go here to purchase it: tbook/id455553678?mt=8

    I highly recommend it as the instructions by the owner are excellent. You are given detailed information about I think every foot Janome has made and it is not a Janome produced video set but from a retired dealer that did a wonderful job of educating their customers when in business and now in their retirement.

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    Posted: Jan 25 2018 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Beginner Skyline S5

    I second what Cheryl said about Foot Book. You enter your Janome machine and it lists the feet included with it under My Feet and Attachments, and you can then add the other feet you own. You can also put feet in your wish list. The author shows uses for feet in addition to the traditional use. IIRC, I paid $6.95 for it for my iPhone/iPod. Content is edited
    Posted: Oct 10 2018 By: Pam0303
  3. RE: Beginner Skyline S5

    Try the sew4home site. They have many projects with excellent directions. Check under the bags category. From complex to simple. And you always end up with something beautiful and useful.
    Posted: Oct 11 2018 By: devilcat
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