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By: CookiMonster
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Buttonhole on 7330
I just set up my brand new Janome 7330 machine and am trying to get sample buttonholes done for a project. However, I have yet to have the "automatic one-step buttonhole" work AT ALL. It either stops moving the fabric altogether and stitches in the same spot until it locks up. OR if it does do one side properly, the second side is basically a straight stitch rather than a satin zigzag and it continues to go past the beginning of the buttonhole.
I've seen this problem mentioned in several places but no solutions. If the answer is "Take it to a dealer" it will instead be returned for a refund since I just took it out of the box.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

  1. RE: Buttonhole on 7330

    It sounds like you may not have set the machine up correctly. Did you pull down the little tab to tell the machine where to stop once the correct size has been reached - you place a button in the back of the buttonhole foot, pull down the lever, and it should stitch out. You may need to get a stabilizer plate to hold the fabric steady in some instances and it may be an extra for you machine - not all machines get all the fancy toys.

    Posted: Jun 02 2018 By: CherylAnn
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