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By: jackieskate
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Blilnd Hem
I recently purchased a Janome 4120QDC.
I am hemming a pair of pants and cannot seem to get the tension correct.
I followed the instructions for using the blind hem presser foot, adjusted the tension, and re-threaded the machine to no avail.
In addition, the instruction book recommends Mode 1, stitch 0. The machine does not recognize stitch "0" for Mode1. I have tested with Mode 2, stitches 10 and 15 and the stitches on the bottom side appear better, but the top side stitches are incorrect.
Please advise.
Thank you.

  1. RE: Blilnd Hem

    The blind hem should be in Mode 1 which is the default Mode when you power on your machine. I think the blind stitch hem will be after the various zig zag stitches. If your manual is incorrect, download the manual from this website under Products - machines and follow the prompts. You may have the wrong manual, as somehow companies make "generic" manuals for similar machines and what you have might be one of those - these things drive me crazy.

    You should be able to find the blind hem on the card that goes with the sewing machine. It clips onto the back of the machine on the left side close to where the hinges for the side door is. If you wondered what that little card was from your box - that's it - it has the alphabet on one side and decorative stitches on the other, if my memory serves me correctly. It's about 3" almost square with 2 little tabs that fit into the plastic clips for the machine.

    Posted: Jun 02 2018 By: CherylAnn
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