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By: mariamoraca
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extra thread from bobbin
I have a brand new HD3000 that I like so far.

Here's what I'm experiencing: when I'm done sewing a seam (straight stitch) and I pull the fabric out, there are 3 threads coming from the bobbin case. 1 is the actual bobbin thread; the other 2 threads are actually 1 longer piece that is doubled up, but comes right out when I pull.

This is NOT causing the bobbin thread to do that messy thing that looks like a nest, thankfully!

Anyone know why this is happening?

As an aside, I'm not sure if this machine is winding the bobbins correctly. I've wound 3, and they all look a little wonky. I'm a fairly new sewer, though, so far from expert in these matters.



  1. RE: extra thread from bobbin

    I don't have this machine, but here goes what I do know that might help.

    If your bobbins are "wonky" you are not winding them correctly. Check your manual and do exactly as it shows you.

    However, you may not be getting your needle in the proper position before removing your garment which might have 3 threads showing. One of the three is just a double up of the needle or the bobbin. It isn't a problem, but it might mean that your needle will become unthreaded when you try to sew the next seam and this would be frustrating for you. I think that maybe a lesson with your dealer would serve you well as you say you are just learning.

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