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making jeans-words of encourage
Some time ago I wrote about how took apart an old (15 years +) pair of well fitting jeans to make a pattern. It took me a long time and had no directions. I made notes as I put it together. There were many times when I almost gave up in despair. However, I persevered with difficulty and ended up with a perfectly fitting pair. I subsequently bought a pattern mainly for the directions especially the fly. When I compared my pattern to the purchased pattern, I found a big difference especially in the crotch curve. Had I used a commercial pattern, the jeans would not have fit properly. I also found the ones I made are much more professional in the details. I have bought more fabric and will tackle the jeans in different colours.
If a commercial pattern fits your body, use it. But if not, it is well worth the effort to pick apart an old garment.


  1. RE: making jeans-words of encourage

    Great advise Jacquie.

    However, one should try to find a pattern if just for the directions. There are much easier ways to sew in a fly that is less bulky than purchased jeans. Somehow, manufactures seem to be able to get that bulk hammered down some, but sometimes the zipper still manages to show a bit, especially when a person is a bit on the larger size and wants a tight fitting pair of jeans. Ask me how I know? Also we don't have heavy industrial machines in our sewing rooms and that "bulk" is sometimes a great challenge, so eliminate it as much as possible - after all the clothes are "our creation" so we can adapt them as needed. Right!

    Posted: Jul 14 2018 By: CherylAnn
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