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By: CherylAnn
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Janome AT2000D - Serger
Has anyone on the forum purchased one of these yet? If so please tell us what you think of it and IS IT WORTH THE MONEY?


  1. RE: Janome AT2000D - Serger

    I just got home from our local (70 miles away) fall sewing event. Our Janome Educator was here from Vancouver and she demo'd the new Air Thread Serger. It is awesome and I have made a down payment to add it to my sewing room. I'm not in a hurry to have it as we have just moved and my sewing room is now being created - no need to have it get dusty just yet. This awesome machine has a needle threader that will be so nice as getting my fingers in to thread these machines is never easy and to have 2 TWO needles is twice the work. The air thread happens so quickly that you wonder "what really happened" once the mechanism is engaged. The price is also very reasonable as prices go. Less than ½ the price of a Babylock.

    Posted: Sep 20 2018 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Janome AT2000D - Serger

    I picked up my new serger last week. My oldest grand daughter, her little sister, and 2 brothers were with me when I threaded it up for the first time. We put 4 different colours, and it threaded, just like I imagined. It was unbelievable the way that "air" threading works. I got the right needle threader to work, but the left one didn't, but I only tried it once and perhaps I didn't get it moved over to the left correctly - the needle have never been an issue for me - the loopers neither, once I took the time to really learn the threading process. It sews like a dream as well - I'm in love!!!!

    Posted: Oct 24 2018 By: CherylAnn
  3. RE: Janome AT2000D - Serger

    Follow-up on my wonderful, absolutely working great AT2000. Everything works and with NO TRIP to the dealer. I must have been impatient as the needle threader works for both needles and the air thread - Oh My Gosh - it is perfect.

    Let's hear from someone else - How do you like your AT2000 Serger?

    Posted: Jul 11 2019 By: CherylAnn
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    Hi Everyone
    I just bought the AT2000 serger and I am waiting for it to arrive, I am brand new to serging...I am learning from zero and would appreciate any help and info if possible. It doesn't seem to come with any thread and I have read that you must use good quality thread that your machine likes. I purchased several spools of Gutermann polyester thread to start (hoping that this will work since it is good quality). Could you tell me what brand etc of thread this machine prefers? Thanks so much.
    Posted: Dec 14 2019 By: Martyp
  5. RE: Janome AT2000D - Serger

    Sorry to have you wait so long for ANY response. I've owned a Serger for over 30 years. I bought "serger" thread at the time from the dealer. I still have lots of that left and have purchased additional since then. If you are in the USA, MaxiLock is a good brand, but I'd stick to what you can get from your dealer, as some cheap ones may create more lint and the serger can produce enough of this as it is "cutting along" when you sewing that you don't need your thread to add to that. If you are in Canada, I just buy what my dealer has and grey, black and white/ecru/ivory are the basic colours you will use. If I need a "specialty" colour, I make sure that I get a spool extra of what goes into my sewing machine for the "left" most needle as this would be the only colour that might show on a seam that is only serger and not run through the sewing machine at all. I use both machines, most of the time, but knits, t-shirts as an example, might only need the serger if you are a confident sewist. By confident, meaning that you can manage your fabric without PINS to get it through the machine, and under the needles and aren't afraid of cutting into your garment accidentally. The seam allowances are meant to be "cut off" and there is enough seam left to be secure in a garment. I've been making garments, knits and woven with only the serger and have NEVER had one fall apart and this is children's ware to adult clothing that have been washed many, many times. The garment will wear out before the serging would let go if your tensions are correct.

    Another piece of advice is to purchase a spool of 4 colours that match the needle colours on the face of your serger and thread up occasional to see how the tension is holding out. The different colours help to determine "where" the problem is when there is a problem. I've really had very few problems in all the years and I must say that I was VERY inexperienced in early 1980's when I got my first serger. Take the lesson that you dealer should offer you when you get your machine. Ask to get a really good demo when it arrives, then take it home, sew a few things and get to know the machine THEN go back for another lesson. This will really help you to get to know "how" this wonderful machine works and can create miracles for you.

    Posted: Jan 03 2020 By: CherylAnn
  6. RE: Janome AT2000D - Serger

    Janome is a good serger for beginners. It is easy to use and produces less sound. But it is quite expensive. You can read the complete review of best sergers here
    Posted: Jan 22 2020 By: Alex_hugh
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