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By: Donnanotfishing
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My cover machine
I registered my cover machine when purchased. And most recently purchased a 9400. But I think that there must be two accounts. Cover machine does to show up on my account. I need to speak with or work with Janome as I am looking for support with the cover machine...problems with skipping stitches and unsure of how to set tension.

  1. RE: My cover machine

    The forum isn't checked by Janome that I know of. This is a question to take up with your dealer.

    If you register the machine twice - you might be creating 2 accounts, so be cautious if you don't want to see things come up more than once.

    You register each machine separately as they aren't the same and I don't think there is a multiple registration form. The other thing is that we don't usually purchase more than one machine at a time unless you maybe needed a small "take to class" machine and got a really good deal if purchasing at the same time as a more expensive machine, such as a heavy embroidery 15000 or something of that nature.

    Posted: Oct 05 2018 By: CherylAnn
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