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Coverpro 1000CPX
Let me start by saying that I have two other Janome machines ( a serger and a straight stitch) and I love them both and sew with them on a daily basis as I sew children's clothing for a living. I was able to figure out how to use both within minutes and have never had trouble with either. Which is why when looking for a cover hem I chose a Janome. I purchased the 1000CPX a few years ago and have had nothing but trouble. Every few months I tell myself I'm going to try again and I spend hours trying to get my hems right. I sew mostly with knits and I've tried everything but I get nothing but skipped and very messy stitches. I've tried using the suggested needles, adjusting presser foot, tension, you name it. And I can't seem to find any you tube videos that address these issues. I'm really kicking myself for not returning the machine when I first bought it but I didn't because my other two Janomes have been so trustworthy. If you have any videos or ideas of how to adress these issues please let me know.

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    Here is a YouTube Link- I'm now going to start watching these videos. You might find something helpful in them. rch_query=janome+coverpro+1000cpx

    The Coverpro is a tricky machine to use. You'd be no better off with another brand as they are all the same. When hemming knits you need to stabilize the hem lines. I use some fusible ½" stuff that is sold at one of the dealers close to Saskatoon. It is basically fuse-knit that has been stripped in and wound onto a round piece of cardboard. It firms up the knit and keeps it stable while sewing. Another thing you could try would be some light weight paper that can be removed once you've finished sewing - probably much cheaper. It is probably easier to manage a paper on the top as then you don't have paper wound into the "serge" like stitching on the bottom and you can control it better if not fused to the garment.

    My issue isn't the sewing but the "ending". It is not easy to get the stitches to release - what I do now is before the needles, pull the needle threads out so that I can get the garment out from under the foot to finish.

    I don't know of any YouTube videos, but there have to be some or it would be the only machine that NO ONE wants to put a video to show how to use it. However, you might have to search and view a lot to find "the one" that addresses how you think and work. It doesn't matter the brand as you can learn from any of them - then look for Janome. Remember that there is now a newer model the Coverpro 2000CPX and it has a new "bell" to help sewing over the humps at seam allowances. This little lever loosens the tension a bit and then the foot glides over the seam much easier and doesn't get caught up.

    To learn your machine better - take every opportunity to visit sewing stores and get them to demonstrate and ask you questions there - they SHOULD be able to help you. Definitely you dealer should help.

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