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By: Subman647
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HP2 Presser Foot
When will Janome have an update to the MC 15000 version 3 to include the HP2 presser foot in it's operating system like the 9450 QCP? The 15000 V3 comes with the HP plate, so it makes sense to add the new HP2 foot to the system.

  1. RE: HP2 Presser Foot

    I don't think that these feet are sold separately yet. However, I just looked and supossedly it is compatible to work with the 15000 Quiltmaker or the Verson 3 15000. I expect that Janome will do this with some promotion that they launch a couple times a year. They need something "new" to add about every 6 months. It was an addition to the 9450 when it was introduced in the fall of 2018.

    Posted: Dec 26 2018 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: HP2 Presser Foot

    The HP2 is included as an accessory to the 15000, however it is not integrated with acufeed. It seems to me that for the benefit of this foot, acufeed MUST be integrated. Is this in the plan for Janome? I like the HP2 foot but honestly wont buy the unless it is integrated. It is integrated with the M7!
    Posted: Nov 25 2019 By: Joharv
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