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By: patgiallorati
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Design transfer
Does anyone have step by step instructions to transfer a design purchased online to Horizon 15000 by both USB and cable?

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    First of all - you posted this under the wrong heading - not heirloom but should be EMBROIDERY.

    You put your USB into the 15000 to format it first. The USB needs some files that only the sewing machine can make (unless you have Janome software on your computer but 15000 is best). Once you've got the USB formatted, put the USB into your computer, make sure your purchased design is "Unzipped" and COPY the JEF file - paste it into the EMB folder on the USB stick. To transfer the design from your computer is to complicated to try to explain here. Go to your dealer and have them explain this BUT it should be explained in the help section of Horizon Link Suite or the sewing machine manual.

    Posted: Jan 24 2019 By: CherylAnn
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