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By: madsew11
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artistic vs. digitizer mb

  1. Software

    Hi everyone. I am really hoping to get some help here. I am new to the embroidery world. I have purchased a new 350E. I am learnng it, and want to take a step into software to do different things with my machine. Unfortunately I cannot afford mega bucks at this time. I want something that will curve lettering, and will resize a design, and recalculate the stitches. I have done some research, and am now thouroughly confused. I have looked at
    Digitizer 10000 ver 1.1-1.3
    Customize 11000 - ver 1.2, and
    Husqvarna Viking 3D Embroidery Studio 7.2 software.

    Are any of these gonna do what I want? Which is better? Does anyone know of any different one? I can't seem to get a straight answer from any dealer. They all want me to spend 1500.00 to 2000.00 for software, and I just can't.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thansk so much.
    Posted: Oct 09 2007 By: NanaB
  2. Software

    Hi, This is my first time in the Janome forum. I have Digitizer Pro because I want to be able to take my grandkids picture and embroider them. I can do many other things with digitizer like resizing etc. It is great. I also like my embird program for looking at patterns and it loads quickly.
    Another one I would like to have is Explorations by Bernina. The reason I like that is because it will resize etc and if I put one pattern on top of another it will "burn" out the stitches behind so you are not piling sts upon sts. But I bet Janome will have that before long. They have to keep up. You can get there but I like simple. zibbygirl
    Posted: Oct 09 2007 By: zibbygirl
  3. Software

    Hi Nanab, first of all sweetheart there isn't a software out there that can take any format of embroidery design, and resize it recalculating the stitches for each individual element of the design. What they can do is a general increase or decrease within a 10 or 20% resize. Only the master design can be resized succesfully as it contains ALL the density (size of area between individual passes of stitch lines inside a shape)settings, stitch types, stitch lengths and compensation settings. A design could be made up of hundreds of individual elements. Also the digitiser could have used a variety of density settings. Until that master design, which is in most software, object based, is translated into a stitch based design, it can be resized in theory to football pitch size and still maintain all it's data correctly. The moment it is turned into stitch data, the objects data becomes a different type of commands.
    Think of it as a cake recipe, you have your ingrediants, they are all sitting there quickly identifiable, those are your objects, your master design. You want a bigger cake, you add to each ingrediant pile, smaller cake, you remove from each ingerdiant pile. The moment you mix it all together, it becomes something else, a stiff or loose batter, or the stitch data, now try removing in exact proportions, 20% of the egg, sugar, butter, flour. You can't, you can remove spoonfuls of the batter and hope you have the amount of all the ingrediants in that spoonful correct, but when it's cooked it could be the cake is fine or heavy in parts.
    The only succesful way to enlarge that cake is to do it at the pre mix stage. Embroidery designs are the same.
    You can take out 10% and it could be OK, the programs that recalculate stitches when re sizing go for a general setting. They don't have the ingrediants in front of them to tell them exact density settings, stitch lengths etc. Now I've probably muddled you up even more.
    Ok next bit, If you can muster the dollars, buy Digi Pro sweetheart, it has the easiest learning curve of all the digitising packages I've test driven, it's designed to be used with your machine, you can work without the customiser. It will resize generically, designs up to 20% of their original size and recalculate stitches over all. It has an awesome lettering function, and a good auto digitising function, though I would encourage you to learn manual digitising, it's much more satisfying.
    If you want a less expensive option look at Embird, it has an excellent file manager, a brilliant editor, and a manual digitising plug in called Studio, which does have a steep learning curve but is extremely powerful. It doesnt look as polished as the more expensive packages, but it more than holds its own with any of them.
    Don't buy a click to stitch type of program, you will soon feel disatisfied with the quality once the novelty has died. There is another extremely good software program, Generations, it is pricey, isnt tied to any machine brand and can export your designs to most embroidery formats. It does however require you use digital media or USB sticks to write to.
    Ok Nana B. that's my tuppence worth sweetheart.
    Posted: Oct 10 2007 By: digimad
  4. Software

    Thanks so much for your reply.
    Posted: Oct 10 2007 By: NanaB
  5. Software

    Digimad, Thanks so much for your explanation in plain, simple terms. Will any of the softwares I listed in my post, be good for me, if I can't afford Digi Pro?

    How does Embird compare to Digi Pro? I guess my biggest problem is not know what I need to do what I want, without spending a fortune.

    Thansk so much for your help.

    Posted: Oct 10 2007 By: NanaB
  6. Software

    Digimad, Looking at the Embird online, there seems to be several different ones. Which exact one would be the best? Thanks, NanaB
    Posted: Oct 10 2007 By: NanaB
  7. Software

    You would need Embird Basic suite, that's the file manager and editor, and then Embird Studio-digitising tools. The digitising tools doesnt have auto digitising only manual. There is a third part which you could add at a later date, and thats Font Engine. Though personally I've not used it except to trial it, I wasn't overly impressed as Digi Pros lettering function is brilliant. The rest of Embird is great.
    It is a steeper learning curve, butworth the effort, then one day who knows you might have a windfall and be able to buy Digi Pro and use them both.
    (I'm popping a note into your private mailbox.)
    Posted: Oct 10 2007 By: digimad
  8. Software

    Has anyone ever heard of this and does it work? Embroidery Magic 2 software

    First you buy this and then it has a deal on getting about 75 additional fonts for about $99 that if bought individually would cost several hundred.

    Thanks for the insight.
    Posted: Oct 10 2008 By: JustForYou
  9. Software

    MHi Just for you, I've heard of this software, but I have never used it so I can't say much about it. However there are groups on Yahoo that use it, and from what I've seen on the site, it has everything needed to let you create your own designs, do lettering etc. It's like anything, when you're new to it, you have to spend the time reading the manuals, trying the various tools and give it a fair crack of the whip. Every software has a learning curve. Let us know what you decide.
    love mags
    Posted: Oct 10 2008 By: digimad
  10. Software

    Thank you digimad - heading to Yahoo now. :-)
    Posted: Oct 11 2008 By: JustForYou
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