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By: aliboiron
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What is heirloom ?
How do you go about it ?

  1. What is heirloom ?


    for some reason I see no topics in here ? I was wondering how it was done ?
    Is it like embroidery, designs, you need to get on a machine ?

    Posted: Apr 15 2014 By: aliboiron
  2. What is heirloom ?

    some samples of heirloom sewing

    heirloom sewing techniques magazine

    sew 4 home site showing heirloom sewing tips and techniques

    Alexa, heirloom sewing is the hand sewing techniques practised by our great and grand parents before the arrival of our modern machines with the huge variety of built in stitches. With the machines we have now, both sewing and embroidery we are able to reproduce many of the techniques our mums, grans, great grans did patiently with needle and thread. If you type heirloom sewing into google then ask for images, you'll see lots of examples.
    Posted: Apr 15 2014 By: digimad
  3. What is heirloom ?

    If you go into a high-end (expensive) lingerie boutique or gift shop, you may find examples of heirloom nightgowns etc. These are made of cotton lawn with inserts of lace etc. and are rather beautiful. Christening gowns are traditionally made heirloom style and passed down from generation to generation. I have seen lovely blouses too. You can cheat a little and purchase a silk or fine cotton gown then place lace motifs or strips of lace or entre-de on top and stitch down you can use lingerie thread in a small zig-zag or a dainty decorative stitch from your machine. When stitched, cut away the garment behind. If the lace is very lightweight, back it with tulle.

    There used to be (maybe still is, Google to check) a program on TV with Martha Pullen who would do heirloom work. I didn't watch it often as she was most annoying - very nasal voice and addressed her audience as if they were 5 years old. If you can get past that, her show was very informative.

    Posted: Apr 15 2014 By: devilcat
  4. What is heirloom ?

    Hi Digimad,

    The 1st Link doesn't work for me. Very interesting projects, but for know, I am not up for that type of projects. With 2 youngs girls, I can't sit for long periods of time to enjoy sewing as much as I would love to. Since heirloom seems to need a lot of peace & quiet, and precision, maybe a little later in life I would appreciate making this type of project !


    I have heard of Martha Pullen, I think her show is on PBS or something.. will look her up !


    Posted: Apr 15 2014 By: aliboiron
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