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6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever
I am back after a long hiatus... I have a friend with the 6700, whose machine keeps loosing the thread from the lever. She has had it into see the tech several times and no one knows why the machine does this. She had replaced the machine and the second machine had the same problem. Another person in a sewing group I belong to also has the 6700 with the same issue. Three machines is not coincidental but clearly these sewists have this problem with the 6700. I know the design of the Janome Take Up lever has a clip to keep the thread in place so how it comes out of the take up is beyond me. I am reaching out to see if there are others who've had this problem with the 6700 and what they did to resolve it

  1. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    I think that they are not threading the machine correctly. If there is a "LOCK" function USE IT. The presser foot must also be in the "up" position so that the tension disks are open. Also when threading use 2 hands - one to hold the thread after it leaves the spool and keep it taut until you get to the needle as you'll need 2 hands to finish the threading.

    My dealer and her staff tell me that the 6700 is a really great machine.

    Posted: Apr 16 2019 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    I have this same issue with the 6700p. I resent someone knee jerking and saying that I don't know how to thread the machine properly. I'm sure that's the simple answer but the truth is I have 4 sewing machines and this is the only one with that problem. The issue happens when I'm starting a seam, the needle goes into the fabric and the thread goes too slack when the take up lever is all the way down. The thread pops out and it is then only hanging out of the little spring in the tension mechanism. The thread tangles down at the hook and the machine jams. It doesn't happen if I hold the thread tails when starting a seam. But I bought this machine because of all the hands free features, so holding the thread tails is really not acceptable here. This is a design issue on the 6700p.
    Posted: Apr 28 2019 By: mmcgough
  3. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    I LOVE my 6700 but have had this same problem since I bought it almost 2 years ago. I have had it cleaned, serviced, and make sure it's threaded correctly. I started noticing that the thread would jump IF I used the scissor function on my machine. When I don't use that function it does not do that. Coincidence? I'm not sure but it is frustrating.
    Posted: May 07 2019 By: Red Barn Quilt Store
  4. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    I had this problem with a different machine. You need to adjust the upper tension so when you use the auto cutter it doesn't snap too short.
    Posted: Sep 05 2019 By: Tricia718
  5. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    I would take the machine into your dealer if this is a recurring problem. Ask them to check the thread path and the little spring that is in there. If it is broken or out of adjustment, your thread may not stay in the take up lever and that is very frustrating.

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my comment about correct threading. I've been around for 74 years and there are times in the past 50 that I've been sewing that I've not threaded my machines correctly. It's the first place to start, then the bobbin, running an unwaxed dental floss through the thread path, and cleaning out the bobbin area. If none of those work, it's a trip to the dealer. And if you say you have a long ways to travel - I've had to come a 4+ hour drive for most of those years. It is just in the last 22 that I've lived in a city with a dealer and a second one just over an hour away.

    Posted: Sep 16 2019 By: CherylAnn
  6. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    I purchased my 6700p in September 2019 and am having this issue. I have had it in twice for bobbin replacement and thread take up lever replaced. Today it is going in again for a serious bobbin jam. (I don't think sewing 2 pieces of cotton together should be a jam issue!).
    I am really disgusted with this machine and wish I could get my money back. I guess I will fix it and have to pass it on to another.
    It seems to be a serious design flaw with no real permanent repair.
    *Note: It was the floor model at full price. :(
    Posted: Dec 05 2019 By: Tricia718
  7. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    Yes mine has this probem. I didn't have any trouble with it for the entire first year. Then I took it to the shop in Amarillo, TX where I bought it to have its yearly maintenance. The stupid technician took off the spring thingy that is supposed to keep it threaded. I didn't even know it had this little thing. Anyway then that shop went to being a Pfaff dealer and so I sent it to Kenssew in Alabama. Brad fixed it and sent it back to me free of charge. It worked fine for about half a quilt and now it's doing it again even though the spring thingy has been replaced and the machine is tuned up again. I am at my wits end. I am going to go back to the 6600P if I can't figure this out. Janome, why do you keep doing stupid stuff to these expensive machines???
    Posted: Mar 23 2020 By: judjohn
  8. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    When they thread the machine, do they have the presser foot raised? It is very important that they do or use the "LOCK" if this machine has it.

    I have had Janome machine - in the past 35 years and if I'm not careful and listen for that "click" of the thread going through the take-up lever, I will ofter re-thread, because it may not be in the thread path securely. I've never had an issue with this, unless I've done something incorrectly - ie: cutting the thread to short, or perhaps a tension issue, because of another threading issue. The bobbin needs to be correctly threaded as well - this sometimes is the issue. I'm guessing that it is not in the case of your friend, but check "how" she threads just to be sure. You need to hold the top thread securely as you pass the thread through all of the thread path to the needle or the needle threader. That did take me some "getting used to" in the 1980's when I got my MC6000.

    If this doesn't work, perhaps you need to contact Janome from this website to see if you can get some help that is better than what the technician you folks have used has given you. He/She are probably not bad technicians but many have never encountered such a situation before and are just missing something. Maybe insist that they make that call to Janome - it can help many others in the future, if they are at fault.

    Posted: Apr 07 2020 By: CherylAnn
  9. RE: 6700 throwing thread out of Take Up lever

    No, Cheryl, that is not the issue.

    The 6650P has this same problem, btw (same machine as the 6700, different motor and feed system).

    Basically, you are sewing along fine. Stop. Adjust fabric, restart and the dang machine throws the thread right out of the lever.

    Thicker thread seems to not have this issue,though.

    It throws out mono-filament the worst, in my experience. Content is edited
    Posted: May 11 2020 By: Davodd
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