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By: jo0853
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Coverpro 2000cpx I need help please!
My right needle (and sometimes the middle needle) is not locking with the looper thread at the start of stitches. Can’t even make a starter/hitch-hiker!
I’m using a Janome cpx2000. Elx705 SUK needles in 2 layers of soft shell fleece with tissue paper under it to assist movement through feed dogs. Diff4. Stitch length 4. Settings at -Just like the guide suggests for heavyweight knits. It wont even catch in a single layer.
I changed settings to 4441 tight. SL4. DIFF0.6 but the right needle still wont catch. I can sew a perfect double row with left and middle needle alone.
I changed to a single layer of knit fabric and STILL the right needle wont catch the looper.
Any suggestions?

  1. RE: Coverpro 2000cpx I need help please!

    If the CoverPro isn't stitching even light weight fabrics at regular settings, then you definitely need to visit your dealer to see what is wrong.

    Posted: Jul 11 2019 By: CherylAnn
The TWO Closest Dealers to you are:
44933 GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD Suite 130-135, ASHBURN VA, 20147
15926 Luanne Drive , Gaithersburg MD, 20877
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