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By: KatieJane
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Hello Kitty 11706 buttonhole problems
I've done buttonholes a few times the other year with no issues. Now when I'm trying to make a buttonhole, using the buttonhole foot and tension set according to the manual, it doesn't work properly.
The left side of the buttonhole is doing a nice tight little zigzag, the next step where you do 4-6 stitches at the bottom works fine. It's where you switch to go back up on the right side of the buttonhole, the zigzag is too wide and covers well across over the left zigzag and continues like this. Any suggestions on how to get this to behave properly?
Thanks for reading and any suggestions!!

  1. RE: Hello Kitty 11706 buttonhole problems

    I don't have any answers, but am following as I've found the same thing happening to me. Hopefully someone with a clue will chime in!

    Posted: Jun 07 2019 By: rharperny
  2. RE: Hello Kitty 11706 buttonhole problems

    I'm afraid that you may need to make a trip to your dealer to have this checked out. You may have some sort of tension issue. However, before all of that - do a thorough cleaning of your machine - change needle, oil the little wick (only one wee drop) under the bobbin case, rethread top and bottom, change brands of thread, both on top and bobbin, anything that is obvious in maintenance that YOU can do.

    Posted: Jul 11 2019 By: CherylAnn
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