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New HD3000 only sews in reverse
After unboxing a new HD3000, it seems to only sew in reverse whether we're holding the reverse button or not. Changing between many options like stitches, length, and foot tension has not helped so far. When trying to stitch forward with handwheel, I can see the feed dogs move up/down but not in a way that will pull the fabric towards the back of the machine. And when using the handwheel, I hear a strange klunk sound with every 2 rotations. If this is a dealer issue, how do I claim a warranty issue when this was purchased from Amazon?

  1. RE: New HD3000 only sews in reverse

    There should be a card for you to register your machine with Janome. You mentioned that you purchased from Amazon, there should be someway that Amazon will stand behind your purchase. Also, not everything comes directly from Amazon, check to see who the supplier might be besides Amazon. You could phone that store and see what they will do for you.

    Back to Janome. Once you register your machine with Janome, you should be able to get service. Check with a local Janome dealer or one that is close to you. This is an "out of the box" problem, that you should be able to resolve, because you purchased from Amazon, you will need to do the digging to find it. It is best to make major purchases from a dealer so that there is service available when things go wrong. The least expensive way is not always the best choice.


    Posted: Aug 29 2019 By: CherylAnn
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